2024 Service Medal Cs2: Rank up and get the medal.

Starting on January 1st, you may commemorate your tenure in CS2 with the brand new 2024 Service Medal!

Gain experience in official game modes and level up your CS2 profile to unlock the service medal. Earning or upgrading a 2024 Service Medal and the ability to reset your profile rank are both unlocked at Global General (Rank 40). You can flaunt the medal wherever your avatar is displayed; it is an inspectable display item.

Colors List of 2024 Service Medal Cs2:

1: Gray
2: Green
3: Blue
4: Purple
5: Pink
6: Red

2024 Service Medal Cs2

Playing on the account on a regular basis and accumulating experience points on the account is the easiest way to obtain the service medal. After each match or gaming mode, you will receive experience points, and once you have earned enough experience points, you will be able to move up to private rank 40. Once you have reached that level, you will be granted the service medal.