A Guide to CS2 Mouse Sensitivity

Everybody wants to reach the Elites in CS2, and if you too are one of them let us teach you some things that may change your gaming experience for good! I mean, it is evident that in order to be best you gotta practice, but there are certain aspects that you need to put your attention into.  You need to look into your mouse settings and find out what DPI works best for you in the game. You can see it as your shoe is a tad bit smaller in size, and it is not letting you win the race, ‘coz it hurts. Similarly, any wrong setting can deter you from winning! You can go after any cs2 medal prime accounts, however, if your mouse sensitivity is set up the wrong way, I’m afraid, you may not win any round.

You may not see it as an important thing for your gaming, but trust me, it is! And, that is- your mouse. It is your real weapon! Funny how your movements from a device can get you tons of kills in the virtual world. For the new players they can work on with the default mouse sensitivity. After getting a little hang of it you might need some tweaking to do in your mouse sensitivity; look for what settings suits you best. 

This article isn’t gonna talk about the whole game settings, we’re simply going to take you through some sensitivity settings that your mouse may require.

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What is a Mouse Sensitivity?

You cannot make the mouse aim better through the game settings alone. And you definitely can’t change its physical shape to make it feel better in your hand. So what can you do then?

Mouse sensitivity is basically for cs2 sensitivity. It is all centred in low sensitivity. If you are making a powerful physical move in the game, you’ll need less sensitivity.

What Is CPI and DPI?

CPI and DPI are all the same. DPI is known as ‘Dot Per Inch’; it’s an assessment of exactly how many times your mouse informs its actions to your PC.

Whilst CPI is Count per Inch. Another term for mouse DPI. You can either of them, it’s on you what you prefer; DPI is just more prevalent.  

Most professional ESports players use low sensitivity, and it is recommended that you follow what they do, If you want to make a career in CS2, or just want to be better.

CS2 pro sensitivity is about 400, higher sensitivity is 1000-3000+, and low sensitivity is 300-1000. It is advised to utilise such settings under specific situations, since these won’t do much good in shooting games. The best would be, to play for sometimes until you feel you have reached a level where it’s time to make some amendments in your mouse sensitivity and settings.

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Guide to Mouse Sensitivity Settings

The game has two methods through which you can change your settings:

  1. Changing sensitivity via the game menu

Enter the game settings, and search for the mouse/keyboard tab. There you’d discover:

  • Reverse Mouse – The best is to turn off this feature.
  • Mouse Sensitivity – Works as multiplier for DPI to meet the actual sensitivity of the mouse in CS2.
  • Raw Input – In order to avoid the window’s default mouse settings, turn it on.
  • Mouse Acceleration – If you own a good gaming mouse, you won’t need this. But, this helps in accelerating mouse movements.
  • Acceleration Amount – It talks about the estimate of the mouse acceleration.

2.  Changing CS2 mouse sensitivity via developer console.

Firstly, open the developer console, press the twiddle button that looks like this- ~. Though, ensure that the developer console is supported in the game setting’s menu. Afterwards, enter these commands to get the best CS2 sensitivity:

  • Set the Sensitivity at 2.5.
  • m_rawinput 0 – 0 deactivates the Raw Input, whilst the value 1 puts it back on.
  • m_customaccel 0 – 0 disables the mouse acceleration; 1 turns it back on.
  • m_customaccel_scale 0.07 – the acceleration amount.

Furthermore, there are some extra console commands that works best for mouse settings in CS2 (though, they aren’t much imperative, it is more like tweaking few things)

  • m_mousespeed 1 – To activate the acceleration through Windows, and 0 for canceling.
  • m_mouseaccel1 1 – To speed up the acceleration by 2x by Windows. And, m_mouseaccel1 0 to cancels the feature.
  • m_mouseaccel2 1 – To speed up the acceleration by 4x by Windows, and m_mouseaccel2 0 brings back the default Windows settings.
  • m_yaw 0.022 – Alters the distance’s proportion on your mousepad, as well as in the virtual world. Though, many suggest keeping the default value as it is, however, you can of course, put it into your testing.
  • m_pitch 0.022 – It is for horizontal movement sensitivity.
  • m_forward 0.022 – Changes the sensitivity for forwarding movement.
  • m_side 0.022 – Sensitivity settings for side movements.

Mouse Settings of the professionals for CS2:

Below are some mouse settings straight up from the professionals. If you are not willing to put your sensitivities on trial then copy paste any of these pro players’ mouse settings

  1. Coldzera mouse settings: DPI 800, in-game sensitivity 1.1;
  2.  ScreaM mouse settings: DPI 400, in-game sensitivity 2.5;
  3.  s1mple mouse settings: DPI 400, in-game sensitivity 3.09;
  4. Tarik mouse settings: DPI 800, in-game sensitivity 1.1;
  5. Stewie2K mouse settings: DPI 450, in-game sensitivity 1.85;
  6. kennyS mouse settings: DPI 400, in-game sensitivity 2.2;
  7. NiKo mouse settings: DPI 400, in-game sensitivity 1.38.

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