awp doodle lore

Awp Duality has replaced Awp Doodle Lore in CS:GO as part of the NEW REVOLUTION CASE update. The AWP Doodle Lore weapon skin, which was recently released to the game, has been withdrawn from the game owing to a copyright violation.

Why Awp Doodle lore removed from CSGO?

The artwork that was used on the AWP Doodle Lore was stolen from the original creator. This was the reason that Valve removed the AWP skin from CSGO and replaced it with AWP DUALITY. Additionally, many people purchased the DOODLE LORE, and Valve replaced their skin with the other skin that was in their inventory during the process.

Valve’s most recent revolution case update for CS:GO added 17 new skins, and Doodle Lore was one of them. When the AWP skin was taken down by the valve, many people were upset because they had already bought the skin, and now the AWP duality has replaced it. Valve has a history of taking down skins where the art was stolen and sent to them by a fake user, and when the real artist filed a complaint, the skins were brought back.

Some players say they can see the Doodle Lore in the Steam Market, but if you click on “Inspect in-game item” on the market, you’ll be taken to the AWP Duality instead. This means that the CS:GO weapon skin has been changed in the store, but it might take a few days for the Steam market to reflect the change.

What was the reason for its necessity?

They literally took strict action against the copyright of the art by the original creator and removed the skin from the CS:GO as soon as possible, highlighting the intellectual property rights and helping the community. To put it another way, it is a nice move from Valve to make the process completely legitimate and clear so that no one steals anyone else’s artwork.

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