All the information you need about AWP Dragon Lore: Counter Strike 2

There is no other skin in Counter-Strike 2 that can compare to the AWP Dragon Lore skin; it is a flawless masterpiece. The Dragon Lore skin is something that every player who plays Counter Strike is aware of; it is available in the game. As part of The Cobblestone Collection, which was published coincidentally with the beginning of Operation Breakout, AWP | Dragon Lore was included in the game on July 1, 2014.

The AWP Dragon Lore evolved into something more substantial as time went on. As a representation of the pinnacle of in-game excellence, it grew to symbolize not only achievement but also prestige. It was a mark of distinction to own a Dragon Lore, as many elite players in the scene would exclusively use them.

For what price is AWP Dragon Lore available in 2024?

Depending on the condition, float value, and wear level of the skin, as well as the pattern or keepsake status of the weapon skin, the price of Dragon Lore can range anywhere from three thousand to twenty-eight thousand dollars. The condition of the skin affects the price.
It is estimated that the most affordable Dragon Lore will cost you approximately three thousand United States dollars, and it will be in battle-scarred condition. The majority of players opt for the field-tested version of the AWP. If we were to tell you about the most expensive Dragon Lore, it would be the Souvenir Factory New Condition.

The AWP Dragon Lore Skin’s Backstory

Within the history of the game, the Dragon Lore was one of the very first AWP skins that was ever included. When it was ultimately added, the high-risk, high-reward AWP had a new look, and everyone wanted it for themselves the moment it was introduced. It is still a very strong weapon, and it has an incredible signature report. Additionally, it has a well-known policy of “one shot, one kill,” which is well-known among players.

As a matter of fact, a souvenir Dragon Lore was sold for more than $63,000 in the year 2018. Exactly one day after Cloud9 had triumphed at the ELEAGUE Boston Major, this took place. According to the facts, another important factor that contributed to the incredible price that this skin had on that particular day was the fact that Skadoodle, also known as Tyler Latham, personally autographed it.

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