Best Gut Knives to Buy in CS2 Shop

Knives in cs2 are one of the most exemplary features. The weapons have distinct designs and colors. They often exhibit a player’s style, skills, even his way of communication. We have combined some of the best knives that can be found in the steam market, as well as in any cs2 shop. If you are looking for one to purchase, keep reading.

1. Nomad Knife (Crimson Web)

This was released in 2019. The crimson web coated in a blood red color with a pitch black handle. It features an elongated spider web with two inspect animations, as well: one hand whirling the blade while the other hand flinging the knife in the air.

How Much Does it Cost?

You can easily purchase them on any cs2 shop, as well as on the steam market. The knives can be found by purchasing a case & key; the prices for the keys are cheap, as compared to the prices of cases since the prices differ. That being said, the Nomad Knife ranges from $200-$320. You may be able to get one in a Fracture case with a key that would cost you $3.50, or maybe in a shattered case that costs $4.

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2. Navaja Knife (Stained)

This one was introduced in 2018; with its exclusive blade design: gray stains of distinct oxidised color with silver finish. The handle of the knife consists of a light leather brown color. The term Navaja is derived from a Spanish word which means a folded-blade razors, like this one. One end of the knife is curvy, whilst the other end is pointy.

How much does it cost?

The price for this knife ranges from $75-$105, and the vanilla version costs $70 on Steam. On the other hand, you may find it in a danger zone case, or in a horizon case which would cost $2.55 respectively.

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3. Paracord Knife (Case Hardened)

This knife works as both a weapon, and gizmo. It features a unique handle with a distinct blue charcoal color coarsened blade. The medium size knife has its handle swathed in a parachute cord, apparently.

How much does it cost?

If you want a brand new one then it would cost $820. Though you can go for minimal wear or field-tested version, it would be around $415, and $288, each. You can look into Shattered, or Fracture web cases.

4. Shadow Daggers (Vanilla)

Daggers are pretty much different in shape unlike certain knives. Though, there are only a few daggers available in the market. It is coated in black with greys in the inner parts; it is quite petite in size with smooth animations. With vanilla skins you won’t ever see its freshness go away.

They cost about $123 in cs2 shops. 

5. Karambit (Black Laminate)

Karambit are Indonesian legend, wherein it is believed that the inspiration behind its creation was a tiger’s claw. It is a tiny blade- curvy in shape, with a white griffin labelled on the blade. The handle has a huge ring shaped hole to fit in the index finger. At first it was built to scrape roots, planting rice, and beating; it further transformed into a weapon. The blades are coated in matte black with two types of woods, and the handle uses two types of woods. The karambit is one of the most demanded ones because of its glossy design, and efficient animations.

How much does it cost?

In cs2 shops, the price ranges from $519 to $650 (new.) Each gamma case would cost $2.75.

6. Bowie Knife (Blue Steel)

Mainly known as a fighting knife. It is a rather long knife with a clipped blade. With a rusty blue color it is decorated with a bull face sign near the edge of the blade. The handle houses a tiny square design.  

How much does it cost?

You will find this blade on the Steam marketplace ranging from $138- $250, and $150 for minimal wear. It would be better if you go for an operation wildfire case; with a key it’ll cost $2.75.

7. Butterfly Knife (Doppler Sapphire)

The butterfly knife was inspired by a Philippines folding pocket knife. With its unique handle, it shifts between an open and closed spot. It can do so because it has flexible handles affixed by a clasp, making it easier to cover or quickly employ. It is coated in a crystal clear galaxy blue color.

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How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, you won’t find this knife on Steam; you have to dig into other cs2 shops, or possibly go to some third- parties. Rumours are that it starts from $10k for the minimal wear to $11k. Though, vanilla version of the butterfly knife costs $700 on steam marketplace. 

8. Falchion Knife (Damascus steel)

This falchion knife was originally the size of a sword, and it is said to be casted after an original falchion sword.  The steel is made up of 2 distinct steel that concocts two tones of grey. Similar to the bowie knife, this too has a clipped blade with rounded edges. Initially, it was bigger in size, weighing almost 1-2 pounds, and could cut off an enemy in half. The knife has a rapid whirling animation

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In cs2 shops, the Damascus knife goes from $115 (damaged) to $140 (new). Then again, you can go for the vanilla skin that is priced at $122. You would find falchion knives in Spectrum cases for $2.75 respectively. Though, the vanilla version you’ll get in the Falchion case would be for the same price.