Know everything about a trade banned account in steam.

A lot of players on the internet are looking for trade banned accounts with lots of weapon skins so they can get those accounts for cheap and play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with skins without having to pay the high prices for those skins. Are you one of those players who want to buy these accounts and show off your weapon skins in-game? Can you play CSGO with a trade banned account?

Steam recently released updates in May 2024 that limited the games that could be played on trade-banned accounts. If your account gets trade-banned, you won’t be able to play CSGO, and your inventory and game will also be locked. People used to buy trade-banned accounts so that they could play CSGO or CS2 games with skins without having to spend a lot of money on CSGO skins. But with the new update, those trade-banned accounts are no longer useful. If your account gets trade-banned, you won’t be able to play CS:GO.

You might not be able to trade or use the market either if Steam Support has banned your account from dealing. A temporary or lasting trade ban may be given to you, depending on how bad the violation was.

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