CS2 Cheat Commands: How to Use Cheats in Counter Strike 2

The primary purpose of this post is to provide legal CS2 cheat commands for practice and enjoyment. Using this feature will not get you banned by VAC because it is already part of the game. This method of cheating is completely safe and will not result in a ban, unlike other methods.

In order to access a multitude of console commands in CS2, you must first activate the developer console. You may optimize performance, change game settings, and improve the user experience by enabling the console, which gives you access to advanced commands and settings.

CS2 cheat console commands:

Console CommandDescription
fps_max [#]Caps the FPS. Set to 0 for no limit!
bind [action] [key]Binds an action to a hotkey, e.g., a jump throw bind.
sv_cheats [0/1]Toggles the use of “cheatier” commands in private matches.
sv_infinite_ammo [0/1]Toggles infinite ammo on or off.
noclipLet’s fly around and pass through walls and floors.
godToggles invulnerability on or off.
killInstantly kills and respawns the player.
disconnectDisconnect from the current server.
quitQuit Counter-Strike 2.
cl_drawhud [0/1]Toggles the in-game HUD on or off.
cl_show_team_equipmentShows weapons and gear above teammates’ heads.
cl_reload_hudReloads the HUD at default scale.
r_drawtracers_firstperson [0/1]Toggles your firing tracers on or off.
cl_autohelp [0/1]Toggles the in-game hints on or off.
cl_hide_avatar_images [0/1]Toggles the visibility of player avatar images on or off.
cq_netgraph 1Displays latency data on-screen.
cl_showfps 1Displays basic FPS data on-screen.

By visiting this official Valve website, you can find more console commands.


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