A guide to changing your CS2 FOV and viewmodel: How to change FOV in CSGO?

A guide to changing your CS2 FOV and viewmodel: How to change FOV in CSGO?

How good you are in CS2 depends heavily on your field of view. As a result, your field of view will be different. The distance between your eyes and the screen can have an effect on your field of view (FOV). The key is to experiment until you discover the sweet spot that suits you best. This article will go over the many console commands that players have at their disposal to adjust the CS2 FOV.

What is CS2 FOV?

Any first-person shooter worth its salt will have a feature called Field of View (FOV). The field of view (FOV) measures the maximum distance that the player can see from their screen at any one moment in the game.

It can be a game-changer in fast-paced shooters like CS2 by allowing you to sense more of your in-game environment. The ideal field of view (FOV), however, differs for each player and is dependent on things like how close you are to the screen and your own preferences.


Despite their apparent simplicity, the viewmodel commands in Counter-Strike have a significant impact on how your weapon appears in-game. Spending the effort to get things right—how close or far away you sit from your monitor—can affect your comfort. If you master them, you’ll feel more at ease while playing CS2, which will lead to unintentional improvement in your game.

  • viewmodel_offset_x [-2.5 to 2.5] – This modifies the weapon’s range to the right or left.
  • viewmodel_offset_y [-2 to 2] – This modifies the distance between your weapon and the screen.
  • viewmodel_offset_z [-2 to 2] – The vertical position of your weapon on the screen is altered by this.
  • viewmodel_fov [54 to 68] – It alters your field of vision from 60 degrees, which is the default. Your distance from the screen should dictate this setting.
  • viewmodel_presetpos [1, 2 or 3] – This will configure your viewmodel to a default setting. One is for the desktop, two for the couch, and three for the classic style.
  • viewmodel_recoil [0 to 1] – From a default of 1, this parameter modifies the amount of recoil you’ll feel when fired. To lessen the amount of recoil you experience, decrease it by 1. In high-pressure situations within the game, this can be helpful.

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