CS2 Prime Account Benefits & Where to Buy Them

Cs2 prime accounts enable players to choose their desired accounts that would be apt for you. Also, they are known for proffering greater matchmaking experience. Hence, players choose cheap cs2 prime accounts for a better matchmaking encounter; it allows player to fight against other prime players, who are more serious about their gaming and doesn’t concoct nuisance. A prime account consists of a lesser amount of cheaters and you must have a PR 21.

Where to purchase CS2 Prime Accounts?

Valve made it free in 2019. If you have had it already before it went free, your account would be upgraded automatically to a Prime status. However, it is a must to keep your phone number registered with your account; otherwise, you’ll no longer be entitled to a Prime Status.

Albeit, you can register your phone number, once again, after it has been erased mistakenly; however, only after 6 months. A prime status is linked to your contact number and not with the account you are working on. This means, you can change it over to a new account you purchased, if required.

If you are yet to purchase CS2 prime accounts, then visit Buycsgorank.com. They avail their products at a reasonable price range. But, if you wish to achieve PR 21 without the procurement of cs2 prime accounts, then simply play online matches till you reach the level.

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Players who have a prime will be matched against other prime players in Danger zone matches, as well. However, you must have a valid phone number connected to your Steam account.

Besides all these benefits, you will also receive some souvenir items, drops, cases for the weapons, and all access to community- operated servers. The first ever skin that was added as the Prime exclusive item was the MP5-SD Lab Rat’s skin; although, a lot has been included afterwards.

The main advantage of having CS2 Prime accounts is that you can avoid confronting hackers or cheaters. Most commonly used cheats are Wall-hacking and Aim-botting; and, unfortunately it hasn’t tamed down even after Valve’s claim that they have eradicated hackers wholly out of this game. CS2 prime accounts work as an act of defense for a player’s account. However, if you do not wish to invest in purchase of CS2 prime accounts, then you can do that, as well. What matters is your comfort and you’d know your comfort zone better! Those who play the game illegally get banned from the game. Hackers seemed to ruin the game and pretty much takes away all the fun for the non-prime users. you can easily buy cs2 account online from CSGO shop in just few minutes and enjoy your game.

However, you may experience one or two hackers in the game; a prime account can only help you have a better matchmaking experience and gameplay. It will never make you a pro, you can only become one, with the help of your own skills. Which by the way, may require a lot of time.

Prime status doesn’t mean you’ll avoid cheaters altogether, but it should help improve the standard of your matches. Prime isn’t an anti-cheat and it never will be, but it’s most certainly better than nothing.

How to Get CSGO Account

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