What Are the New Updates Brought By Valve in CS2

By adding new features such as new modes & maps, and operation in CS2 last year, Valve came up with a new update along with it, as well. 2020 gave us a crucial prospect update concerning the obscure flaws of the new skins, retake modes, and whatnot. Even after so many controversies, it still dominated the concurrent player records and made it free-to-play in cs2 accounts, back in 2018. Though ‘CS2’s a dead game’ jokes can still be heard.

Even when Valorant stole most of the professional players and their players’ support, the average player count is still flourishing in 2021. If anything positive came out of all this competition it would be that it all has inspired Valve to launch more updates along with some intrepid changes. Even after running more than 8 years, it managed to stay within every one of our hearts. It still has that classic series touch to it that we used to play decades ago. Even so Valve is slow in putting out their updates they are still open to incorporate new features

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  • Before, when a player gets kicked or disconnected from the competitive and wingman modes, they were replaced by bots. Now, if the whole team leaves the game, only one bot would be lazing around at the spawn area for the other team.
  • Fixed bots navigating issues that were not working properly in the Warm Up areas.


  • Every time a version command is released it is used to crash the window’s dedicated server. They fixed it.
  • Fixed pings. They don’t move anymore when they are outshined by characters. Also, will no longer feature weapons in competitive battles.
  • Tweaked Retake clip arenas in Train and Mirage.

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  • They cut down the sizes of SWAT sleeves to match with the present models.


  • Additional optimisation.
  • Resolved bugs issue.
  • Cgso accounts that have done government identity verification have been upgraded straight to CS2 Prime accounts category for Steam China.


  • T-spawn’s Cargo containers’ pixel gap has been fixed
  • Cargo containers have their colors fixed.
  • Bomb explosion that was exposed above A-site has been fixed.


  • Changed the location of the crate to Tower more towards Pit.
  • Improved visibility for several long-range angles.
  • No more electric boxes next to bikes.
  • Less breakable glass at shops.
  • Jammed angle from CT boost to Pit.
  • Increased size of ladder hole
  • Extended the inner part of the connector
  • Lessened the size of the restaurant spot.
  • Tweaked tarp positions in order to remove some angles.
  • Dropped half-walls at a set of steps.
  • Pushed CT spawns behind a little for adjusting timings.
  • New location names.
  • Fixed the issue where players could see into the tower spot when boosting at Dumpster.
  • Resolved Z-fighting and crossing Geo.
  • Resolved several bombs stuck places.
  • Resolved several noticeable no-draw qualities.
  • Resolved player held a spot on the street.
  • Hitting adjustments all over the map.
  • Slight visual alterations and improvements.

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  • Better FPS around the whole map
  • Got rid of numerous boost locations
  • Included stairs for enhanced rotation flow in the garage.
  • No more office spots in Mid.
  • There’s more room in both entrances of the hut as they made it wider for improved player traffic movement, connecting A-site and Mid.
  • Added brittle glass ceiling near A-site and Mid.
  • You can use flashes and smokes on A-site.
  • The whole map has an enhanced FPS now
  • No mess on A-site.
  • Whole bombsite is clear, since they reduced the A-upper and bridge.
  • Fixed A-site’s tricky angles
  • Got rid of unnecessary spaces on A-site.

These are the whole information on the recent changes/ update brought in CS2 by Valve. It is high time you invest in cs2 accounts. With the new update, comes a new adventure! Whether you’re gonna purchase cs2 accounts or just going to sit- paving your way thru- defeating your opponents, it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re playing the game with harmony and an intent of having fun only. cs2 smurf accounts will be of much fun now, to play with. Now, that the game has been updated, and seeing the alteration they have done, I must say it will be a fun ride! Get yourself one and start enjoying the game

Were they successful in satisfying the players with this new update?

It is pretty evident with a game like CS2, something always gonna need some tweaking. Though there’s no conspicuous serious bugs at present, there are some questions raised on Reddit and Twitter.

The gaming giant is known for their habit of launching major updates by surprise; eliminating bots from the Competitive and wingman mode hasn’t been taken well by the fans. Though, it isn’t as disastrous as the launch of the R8 Revolver, which failed to gather the anticipated reaction- the decision not to switch the players who have left the match is still being questioned.

However, bringing the bots back during certain circumstances is certainly arguable, though I believe, it’s for the good! Fighting in a 4 vs 5 battle from an early stage is exasperating, though it is a good step towards preventing toxicity in the game. Furthermore, before it was tough for the players to NOT get kicked out by the rest of the team when they were not winning the round. Especially for the lower ranked players, some would rather go for a bot that can help them get through the game, than a real team player. Though, the cheaters are still out there waiting to play with these new updates at the disadvantage to the players. We hope Valve would address this concern and come up with a solution ASAP.

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What would we want more in CS2 in the future?

More Operations for sure- on time, though!

It took two years for Valve to come out with a new operation (Shattered web), after Operation Hydra was launched in May 2017. Though, Broken Fang took place in December 2020- one year after Shattered Web was launched. We are expecting it to become a regular thing from Valve. And since we have been getting Operation launches on time, for 2 years straight, it is safe to assume that this year’s operation will be dropping during the holiday season, as well. Keep your cs2 accounts ready for the thrilling adventure coming this year’s holiday season! However, I’d say don’t keep your expectations high. You never know what other plans Valve have stored in their closet.

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