CSGO Best Case to Open : Counter Strike 2

A few years ago, CSGO cases were added to the game and became an important part of it. Now, there are too many cases for one player to open, so they can buy CSGO keys from the Steam Market or deal with any friend or trader. They hold both rare and common skins, and each case has a different set of skins. Players must purchase CSGO keys in order to open cases, and this guide will tell you which is the best CSGO case to open.

These are the CSGO Best Case to Open in 2024.


If you want to get CS:GO & CS2 cases, you can buy them on the Steam Market or trade with other people on other trading sites or with your friends. Also, you can buy CSGO keys from Steam Market or from websites that trade keys from other people. A lot of people all over the world like CS:GO skins, and you can get free CSGO skins through in-game drops as well. 

Skin RaritiesDrop % Probabilities
Mil-Spec (Blue)79.92%
Restricted (Purple)15.98%
Classified (Pink)3.2%
Covert (Red)0.64%
Rare Special Item (Gold)0.26%

The odds for each rare drop after the case is opened are shown in the table above.

If all you want is a certain percentage of profit, you can also try the cases listed below.

CS:GO Weapon Case 3

If you want to get the most out of your money, the CSGO best case to open is Weapon Case 3. It has rare knives like the flip, M9, karambit, and more.

CSGO Best Case to Open

Operation Wildfire Case

In CS:GO, the wildfire case is part of the wildfire operation collection. It is also known as the most valuable case in the CS:GO case opening. You can expect a rare bowie knife with a lot of different designs and styles, such as sapphire, ruby, black pearl, and gamma doppler.

Before you start opening CS:GO cases, you should know that you will probably lose money. If you don’t mind losing money, you can enjoy the thrill of opening cases. If you want to save money, we’ve included a guide to the csgo best case to open in this blog.

Since CS2, the new version of Counter-Strike, came out, the price of cases have gone up because people want them more. A lot of YouTubers are chasing knives in case opening, which could affect a lot of people and make them want to open CS:GO cases with CS:GO keys. The cases with good return values are pricey, and if you open cheap cases to get skins, you will lose money.

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