CSGO Rankings System: How Does It Work?

CSGO Rankings system

In any FPS game, having certain skills is considered a great advantage for a player; games such as CSGO ranking system as a pivotal factor in this game. Players from all across the world are wild for this game. Though half of the population in this game can be found in the Gold Nova rank, you can’t call it a low rank or a high rank; it is somewhere in the middle, more so like an ‘average’ player. The game revolves around 18 ranks, from Silver 1 to Global Elite. Global Elite CSGO is the highest rank and also the hardest one to achieve (attained by only 0.7% of players.) The global elite CSGO rankholders ares known as the Professionals.

The simple and easiest way to understand the concept of the ranking system of CSGO is to know that the quicker you win, the faster you rank higher. Though most of the players reside at the Legendary Eagle, if you’re struggling to reach even there after investing your countless hours in it, you may need to know certain facts in order to fully grasp the context of ranking higher. The Csgo ranking system bears a resemblance to the Glicko-2 ranking system. And Glicko-2 system, entirely built on the player’s influence in his team, his team’s act, total death, damages, kills, planting of bombs, etc. It is believed that your every move conceals a point, which helps you achieve a certain position in the game.

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However, being a beginner would mean you’d be restricted to 2 matches a day. This is to enable the system to discover more about your skills & gameplay; after you are close to 10 matches, the system comes to a firm conclusion of your skills, and capability. After which you will be placed in the right skill troop.

If you are already on the global elite cs2 rank, then why are you even here, bruh?! (Kidding!) No one is discouraged to read, especially our blogs. (Wink, wink). Seriously, if you’re an elite player you must be a professional! Global ‘Elite’: the title is pretty self-explanatory. Such title holders know each and every move within the game; they know how to manoeuvre. Any challenges given, they will cross it effortlessly. Sometimes, it is fun to watch them just play!

Usually, it is best that you focus on winning the game rather than obtaining most kills in the game. Since the total number of kills won’t be of much advantage, if you have lost the match eventually; hence, it is advised to keep the ‘win, no matter what’ attitude! Though, when you lose a match, the number of kills will save you from losing your rank. It will work wonders if you are in the Global Elite cs2 rank; you obviously wouldn’t want to lose this position after achieving it with hours and hours of hard work.

If you are looking forward to reaching the global elite cs2 rank, then you must team up with those who share the same goal as you. Thus, encouraging yourself more to team up with certain players that are serious about this game will be beneficial. For you, as well as, for your rank in the game. There are several other communities for CS2 where you can find and connect with avid players that are equally enthusiastic and serious about CS2.

Though you need to be accustomed to these:

Warmup to get better in CSGO ranking system

Warming up before the match starts is a good way to stay confident for the match. Death-match works just fine when you’re merely practising before the matchmaking; although, you’d find countless custom maps on the workshop that will assist you!

Make a team of passionate players

It is more like a better safe than sorry kind of situation. It is always safe to choose teammates that don’t ruin your gameplay by being all bossy; it is pivotal to have certain team members that will communicate instead of only commanding others. It happens sometimes, in some cases, wherein a player has lost his temper upon his bossy teammate, and consequently, lost the match since he couldn’t handle the rage that slowly succumbed him during the process. To avoid such instances, find some cool guys, fight a few Death-matches, or even casual ones- you will certainly find some, who would join your team.  

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Watch professional player’s matches on YouTube/twitch

This is important for your gameplay; for you to become better in this game. Watching how the professionals play will help you on how to exercise this game. You can learn their strategies, merely by watching their moves; their pre-fire whereabouts; smokes. Just watch YouTube videos or twitch. Don’t miss the league matches, they are worth watching.

Fine-tuning your crosshair, view-models, sensitivity etc.

It may seem a petite one to you, though if it’s been refined, it works like a charm! Mainly, the crosshair, and sensitivity needs a lot of your attention. Consider them as the most integral feature in aiming; if you learn to be seamless in it- trust me- you will be playing like a beast.

Global elite rank in CSGO ranking system:

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