All Inferno Callouts In CS2 Complete Guide

If you play Counter-Strike 2, you absolutely must have played the Inferno map. The Inferno callouts have evolved throughout the years due to the map’s continuous updates. An old favorite among Counter-Strike players, Inferno has been around for quite some time. Knowing the callouts and where you are on the map is vital for mastering Inferno.

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CS2 Inferno Callouts

Inferno Callouts

In Counter-Strike 2, the inferno map features crucial callouts that let your teammates to know precisely where the enemy or other teammates are. These callouts also make it easy to communicate with all of your buddies in the game.
If players on the T side want to go to Bombste A, they’ll have to go through the banana area. If they want to go to side A from the T side, they have two options: either go through the mid area or the apartment areas. The inferno map has two mid areas, one called Mid and another called Alternate Mid.

Players on the Ct side can hide or camp out in several areas of the inferno map in order to take out the T side. Common sites include the banana area, the bombsite construction area (B), the dark area, and the apartment area (A).