The most iconic bomb defusal map in CS2: Mirage Callouts

This widely played Counter-Strike 2 (CS2 Accounts) map takes place in a Middle Eastern village often confused with Morocco. Although Mirage was first featured in CS2 shortly after its introduction, its efficacy as a CT-sided map and its enduring status in the Counter-Strike series are universally acknowledged by the community. Here is a comprehensive collection of all the official Counter-Strike 2 Mirage Callouts, so you can master the art of flawless team communication.

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Mirage Callouts

The illustration shows that the mirage map is separated into three primary areas: the CT spawn, the T spawn, and the Mid area.

At the beginning of the game, there are four areas on the mirage map that the terrorist side can visit to plant C4 bombs: T apps, the palace area, the ramp area, and the mid region. To capture the mid area, you’ll need good awping skills.

The CTs typically set up camp at the locations we’ll be talking about; the most typical places at bomb site A are the Palace area, the Ramp area, and the Jungle Area. The reason Mirage has remained in the Active Duty map pool is because it has never required any major reworking. On their first attempt, Valve perfected the map.