Nuke Callouts in Counter Strike 2: The best fps game ever made

Defusing bombs has been an option in Counter-Strike since version 1.6, when the Nuke map was introduced. Featuring two floors—the upper and lower—and set in the United States, Nuke is unlike any other map. Among the most challenging maps to tackle in a solo queue setting is Nuke. This is because it is one of the rare maps that emphasizes height above width. In this blog you will find out the best methods for Nuke callouts in Counter Strike 2.

Nuke callouts in CS2

When you’re playing with friends and need to tell them where you saw an enemy on the map, these callouts come in handy so that the other players on your team know exactly where you saw the enemy. It would be easier for you and your teammates to win the game if you used proper callouts instead of just telling them that you saw someone out there without naming the spot.

Nuke Callouts

The outer area, the A bomb site, and the B bomb site are the main locations of Nuke. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, outside control is crucial since it stands in for Mirage’s or Dust 2’s “mid” sections. Players can open up more paths to attack places by controlling mid. While scoped rifles are cumbersome throughout most of Nuke, they become invaluable in the relatively open gap between CT spawn and at higher vantage positions.

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