Overpass map callouts: Counter Strike 2

Overpass map callouts

The German bomb defusal map Overpass is one of the few popular CS:GO maps that was exclusive to this edition of the game and not included in previous Counter-Strike iterations. The Counter-Terrorist side is considered to have the upper hand on Overpass, as they are on the majority of maps. Because of its complex structure, mastery of certain of the Overpass map callouts is essential; therefore, it is recommended that you review the material.

Overpass: A-Site callouts

  1. A Long – Featuring a playground and multiple engagement angles, this long walkway connects T-Spawn to A-Site.
  2. Party: Located between T-Spawn and A Long, there is an open area with a party sign.
  3. Fountain: Located in the heart of the party, this water fountain is a common point of reference for announcements.
  4. Restrooms: A network of restroom-equipped hallways linking A Long, A Site, and Mid.
  5. Divider: A concrete wall that serves as a barrier between A Long and the restrooms, offering players some protection.
  6. Bank: A structure next to A-Site that provides shelter and a route for CTs to rotate.
  7. Dumpster: Players protecting the bombsite might take cover in a big container close to A-Site.
  8. Truck: Defenders have shelter and sightlines thanks to the parked vehicle on A-Site.

Overpass: B-Site callouts

  1. B Short: Mid-Site to B-Site (often called Water or Construction) is linked by this walkway.
  2. Monster: An expansive tunnel that links B-Site to T-Spawn, providing an attacker with a main entry point.
  3. Sandbags: Near B Short, there is a set of sandbags that players can use as cover.
  4. Pillar: Located in the center of B-Site, this massive cylindrical pillar serves as both a shelter and a sightline.
  5. Graffiti: Defenders frequently utilise a graffiti-covered wall near B-Site as cover.
  6. Barrels: Defenders can take cover behind a cluster of barrels on B-Site.
  7. Bridge: A high point with a view of B-Site that provides players with shelter and sightlines.
  8. Heaven: Accessible from CT-Spawn, this balcony-like perch is close to B-Site and provides excellent views of the explosion.

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