Why Do You Need CS2 Smurf Accounts?

Last year, 2020, took a toll on all of us; and, the pressure it created amongst everyone on us is beyond comparison! With life’s upheaval battles, you just don’t know where to put all your frustration; there are two places a person goes to in order to fight his frustrations- either gym, or online gaming. Since, most of us are too lazy to even move from the couches, many of us prefer to fight our frustrations on online gaming. One of the games that have helped plenty is the Counter Strike Global Offensive. Last year it is estimated that CS2 reached 1 million concurrent players on Steam; all thanks to the pandemic! The demand of cs2 smurf accounts are in surplus; players from across the globe reaching out for prime accounts.

The adrenaline it gives can kill your entire frustration. You can even buy cs2 smurf ranked accounts just to enjoy the gameplay without any interference. The journey to go higher is exhilarating, but the agony it gives, when the round starts, is something I can’t explain. It is pretty tough to reach Elites.

And it isn’t just a game for the gamers; CS2 is worth millions! One of the leading CS2 tournaments was IEM Katowice, and ELEAGUE Major, held in 2018. ELEAGUE Major gained 1.9 million viewers; it isn’t surprising to see such a huge number, since the game has such a huge fan base. The total prize money was for a whopping 22.65 million US dollars in 2018. So you see why gamers are so serious about their games. Gaming CAN actually turn your life around!

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Why Do You Need Smurf Accounts?

Even though the game came out 9 years ago- in August, 2012- the game’s fan base is growing every year. Beginning of 2019 Counter Strike saw 20 million monthly active users in its server; it crossed the figure of what it was in 2016. You can buy cs2 smurf accounts from an online smurf store, as well. Though, make sure that they are a legit one. It is an excellent choice if you have had enough of the troubles you face because of the hackers. It is an evident fact that CS2 hasn’t completely gotten rid of cheaters/hackers from the game; you will find 2- 3 still lurking around. However, with smurf or a cs2 prime account you don’t get to encounter them as much. It is a pretty clean road after that, basically.

Even the pros buy cs2 smurf accounts, so that they can play against low ranked players. Smurf accounts purpose is to let the owner play opposed to newbies. This way the pros can have their skills checked, this known as smurfing. This is what a smurf account serves. A smurf account let you win and let you try new strategies; the best part-you won’t lose your ranks. Though the question here that lies is where to find a legit smurf account?

Where to Buy Smur f Accounts?

You will find plenty other websites that sells cs2 accounts. However, you have to be careful when choosing one! There are many scammers; you can be their new prey. You should watch out and find out yourself if the sellers are genuine. A genuine seller would never put any restrictions in smurf accounts, and furnish universally working IP addresses. Plus, the store must provide a secure payment method for their customers. If its too much hassle for you to find an authentic store for you, or have no idea how to figure these stuffs out- it is best that you try buycsgorank. It is a trustable website and if it’s your first purchase then even better! You will have the best experience with them; their customer support is amazing, and as the name suggests very ‘supporting’ when you face any issue or got a question.

There are 18 ranks in CS2. And players are sorted into each level based on their gameplay.

  • Silver>Gold Nova Rank

Silver 1 to Global Elite Gold nova to Gold Nova Master: the first and second level of the game. The first two groups are pretty easy to attain if you have become skilled quickly you can reach Gold Nova Masters probably in a week, or even sooner, depends on your skills. You can buy them from buycsgorank at a much cheaper rate; though, just because they are at a cost-effective range doesn’t mean they compromise with quality. You will get a quality account-boosted by professionals- at a reasonable price.

  • Master Guardian> Supreme Master Accounts

After Gold Nova comes the Master guardian< Master Guardian Elite. You can also shop these accounts as per your requirements, whatever suits your liking. It can also be found under the smurf category; you can buy cs2 smurf ranked accounts with it.  

  • Legendary Eagle & Global Elite

After Master guardian Elite comes the popular and highly in demand level in CS2- Legendary Eagle<Global Elite. You can buy them as well; available on our website at a much lower price. However, if your choice is a different place then always ensure they are prime accounts, since it is a matter of your security. You wouldn’t want to invest into something that guarantees no security.

To conclude the matter, all we have to say is that wherever you shop, make sure it is authentic. We are focusing a lot on authenticity since we have seen people getting conned by scammers in the market. We do not want that to happen to you. Always ensure if the sellers are trustworthy, have genuine testimonials, and got real customers; you can never know what they can be faking. So beware! A genuine cs2 shop provides a secure payment gateway, offers 24×7 live support, and always makes certain that their customer leaves with a smile.

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