RIPTIDE: CS2 Operation Riptide Newest Skin Collections

The latest update brought by Valve is Operation Riptide is making headlines all over the internet! It is the latest installment and took its sweet amount of time after Operation Broken Fang in 2020. In the new update, numerous features are added: fresh maps, new modes & CS2 skins, short matches, the new addition of weapons, and much more. The best feature they have added in the CS2 Operation Riptide is the Private Matchmaking Queue. 

The new update will be operational till 2022. Operation Broken Fang ended this summer on 3rd May. This time valve has made CS2 Operation Riptide quite exciting; chances are players will be all over the cs2 stores to buy cs2 accounts. 

Operation Riptide has 5 new cases:

  1. The basic Riptide Case 
  2. Mirage
  3. The 2021 train
  4. Vertigo
  5. Dust 2

Riptide case

This case focuses all its attention on 17 weapons made by the players, also including Gamma Doppler knives placed as rare items.

  • Desert eagle| ocean drive
  • Ak-47| Lext Museo
  • SSG 08| Turbo Peak
  • Glock 18| Snake attack
  • Mac10| Toybox
  • M4A4| Spider lily
  • MP9| Mount Fuji
  • Five-SeveN| boost protocol
  • FAMAS| ZX spectron
  • Mag-7| BI83 spectrum
  • XM1014| watchdog
  • USP-S| Black lotus
  • PP- Bizon| Lumen
  • MP7| Guerilla
  • G3SG1| keeping tabs
  • Duel Berettas| Thread
  • Aug| Plague Mirag


The mirage case consists of 19 weapon cases. 

  • Desert eagle| Fennac fox
  • MPS-5D| oxide oasis
  • Aug| sand storm
  • Glock 18| pink DDPAT
  • XM1014| Elegant vines
  • SG553| Dessert blossom
  • M249| Humidor
  • Mp9| music box
  • USPS| Purple DDPAT
  • P90| verdant growth
  • Cz75 Auto| midnight palm
  • Duel Berettas| Drift wood
  • SSG 08| prey
  • Mac10| sienna damask
  • Mag 7| Navy Sheen
  • Pp Bizon| Anolis
  • P250| Drought

2021 train collection

  • M4A4| the coalition
  • Gloak 19| Gammer doppler
  • FAMAS| Meltdown
  • Mac-10| Propaganda
  • USP-S| whiteout
  • CZ75-Auto| Syndicate
  • P2000| Space race
  • MPD-SD| Autumn Twilly
  • NOVA| Red Quartz
  • Desert eagle| Sputnik
  • M4A1-S| Fizzy pop
  • SSG 08| spring twilly
  • AUG| amber fade
  • UMP-45| full stop
  • Tec-9| safety net
  • R8- Revolver| Blaze

Vertigo Collection

  • M4A1-S| Imminent Danger
  • SG 553| Hazard pay
  • Five-SeveN| Full Hazard
  • P250| Digital Architect
  • Mag-7| prism terrace
  • Galil AR| CAUTION! 
  • Negev| infrastructure
  • Nova| Interlock
  • P90| Schematic
  • AK-47| green laminate
  • Pp-Bizon| Breaker box
  • SSG-08| Carbon Fiber
  • UMP-45| Mechanism
  • Glock-18| Red Tire
  • Duel Berettas| Oil change
  • CZ75- Auto| framework
  • XM1014| Blue tire
  • FAMAS| faulty wiring
  • MAC-10| STRATS

Dust 2 Collection

  • AK-47| Arabesque
  • SSG-08| death Strike
  • UMP-45| Fade
  • Mac-10| Case hardened
  • M4A4| Red DDPAT
  • USP-S| Orange anolis
  • Galil AR| Amber fade
  • G3SG1| New roots
  • Nova| Quick sand
  • P250| Black and Tan
  • M259| Midnight Palm
  • Five-SeveN| Withered wine
  • MP9| Old roots
  • AUG| Spatted Wood
  • Sawed-Off| Parched
  • MP-7| Prey
  • SG 553| Bleached
  • P90| Desert DDPAT
  • R8 revolver| Desert Brush

These are the 5 newest cases & collection in the new update of CS2 Operation Riptide. However, even with the new update, some of the players are still experiencing issues with their gameplay. 

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Players can have a new experience with this new update! There are new challenges, modes, skins, and much more. You can now have your own premier matches that can only be watched by the people you have chosen to have access to. You can also share your private matches in the Steam groups. You can enjoy the CS2 Operation Riptide update by activating your Riptide Pass and win some challenges that would reward you! CS2 accounts most celebrated modes: Competitive and Deathmatch have some changes, as well. Now, the competitive mode will have 16 rounds or until someone’s the winner; whereas Deathmatch mode has removed the agony of browsing through the community servers in order to play a specific mode. 

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