CS2 Operation RIPTIDE

Valve’s new Operation Riptide update for CS2 is now live for PC players! CS2 patch update in September 2021 comes with the latest challenges. Added by Operation Riptide along with fresh maps, gaming modes with newer private queues, teams, and death matches that would be free to play for all the players. In addition to quick competitive battles, new weapons, patches, and skins. Operation Riptide will continue till 20th Feb 2022; it is the first-ever Operation that was commenced after the Operation broken fang initiation. Operation Broken is now over and it came to an end on 3rd May 2021.

Even though the new updates have been released some players are still facing issues. The update details are mentioned below:

Counter-Strike Global Offensive New Update on September 22, 2021


A fresh way to start the CS2 Journey with new everything: new mission, maps, game modes, everything is new! The most amazing feature in the new update is the Private Queue. Players can now have their private matches that can only be shared with their friends or their friends of friends, if you’d like, you can share it in a Steam group as well.

You only have to activate your Riptide Pass and play some missions to gain exclusive rewards. Valve, this time has added various versions of their widely recognized modes: Competitive and Death-match. You can play quick matches in the competitive mode that will go up to 16 rounds, or until one of you wins the game. Furthermore, deathmatches will not require players to surf through community servers to play in certain modes.

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Let’s dive in further to find out the rest in detail-


As aforementioned Private Queues have been added

  • You can create your Private Queue by spawning a code that can be shared amongst friends.
  • You can have the premier matches that can be privatized by you on their servers.

Short Competitive

You can now choose to go for either a short or long match in competitive mode. Short matches are of 16 rounds, while the long matches go on till 30 rounds.


There are three options added to the list: Team Deathmatch, Classic Deathmatch, and free for all Deathmatch wherein everyone will be your enemy.


In Demolition, the rounds have been reduced to 10 and also got rid of the halftime team swap. On the other hand, they reduced the round time, as well. The developers have made some tweaks in weapon progression.

Arms Race

Valve has added a feature where the player will attain a health shot right after killing 3 players.

Weapon progression has also been adjusted.


  • You can now use grenades as a weapon and throw like one.
  • Vision rate has been reduced to 2.0 secs from 3.0s after death.
  • If you got hit by a headshot the vision rate will be 0.5s from 1.0s


  • Lessened body damage


  • Increased body damage
  • Body damage is increased

Dual Elites

  • Prices reduced to $300

Ballistic Shield

  • The Riot Shield added to the buy menu that can be procured by CTs at the moment in Casual Hostage Map groups.
  • Vision after death reduced from 3.0s to 2.0s (vision by headshot reduced from 1.0s to 0.5s).


  • County is now officially a part of danger zone mode’s matchmaking.
  • Basalt and Insertion 2 are two new modes added officially in Competitive, Deathmatch, and casual modes.
  • Sadly, Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera, and Frostbite are no longer a part of the maps.
  • In the wingman mode, Extraction & Ravina have been added.


  • Adjustment made in the visibility from T spawl to mid.
  • Enhanced visibility in B back site through the upper tunnel


  • New gate at banana solid.
  • Revamped 1v1 design.


  • Both bomb sites have now enhanced plantable sites
  • Bullet infiltration on plywood surfaces has been fixed
  • New 1v1 scene

Other than these updates countless other features such as weapon costumes, number of patches, and stickers have been incorporated this time along with the Riptide agent collection.

However, with new updates comes heavy challenges, challenges that possess rewards in abundance if you buy the Operation pass. After you have purchased it, you will earn an operation coin that helps you go higher by clearing the challenges.

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