CS2 Prime Status & Cooldown Explained

Prime status explained: Basically, a prime status works as a feature in CS2 that can be achieved or purchased by any player. However, if you aren’t looking forward to paying any money behind cs2 prime accounts, then you can surely choose the latter; complete all 21 levels.

Advantages of CS2 Prime Status:

Those who own a prime status in CS2 will be matched against other prime users in any mode. Additionally, prime users will be accorded with prime-exclusive token items. Drops, and weaponry cases, along with access to all community operated hosts.

Ways to Achieve the CS2 Prime Status for Your Account:

There are two ways you can achieve a prime status into your account:

  1. Through a Steam Website; you can visit their store page and achieve your Prime status.
  2. By manually completing all 21 levels in CS2 without losing.

How do you opt for CS2 Prime Status if you’re already a level 21 player?

It is known to all that Valve has made CS2 free on December, 2018; which means, if you have been a player in this game for several years, before its gone free, your cs2 vip account will automatically  upgrade itself to CS2 Prime Status. In order to verify your status, go to your account- push the play icon that’d be on the upper left. You’d find a green coin with a ‘Prime Enabled’ written on to the next screen.

And if you are a new player. Then you’ll be upgraded once you have reached level 21.

Can I remove CS2 Prime Status from my account?

Fortunately, there isn’t any rule that’s been made. Your prime status will remain intact once achieved

Can Prime and non-Prime users play together?

Of course, they can! Though the matchmaking must be conducted in an already existing lobby. Otherwise possibilities are that you can be matched with a non-prime user, which will be considered as a non-prime lobby. As a result, the match will be held against non-prime users. It is possible for you both the users to play together, however, only if you’re a prime user. A non-prime user cannot play in a Prime Match. you can easily buy cs2 non prime accounts from CS2 Shop

It is not possible for a non-Prime user to play in a Prime-only match.

Cs2 prime accounts cooldown

Even though you can acquire yourself a cs2 Prime Status, you must be familiar with CS2’s Cool-downs, and bans. If you are, then you also must be familiar with the fact that they are non-negotiable, and in no way can be diminished, or eliminated by Steam Support. Even with cs2 prime accounts you won’t be able to neglect or avoid a cool down into your cs2 accounts.

However, if an automatic cooldown or ban has found to be issued wrongly, the servers will undo it automatically.

Why are Competitive cooldowns issued?

Then let us enlighten you: competitive cooldowns are usually the game’s way to ensure that everyone can enjoy without having to go through any unbiased nature. It comes to life when a player practices something that results in a negative influence on the match as well as on the players. The player isn’t allowed to play for a while since he’ll be facing a competitive cooldown.

Plus, you will be faced with a cooldown irrespective of your infringement being intentional or not you will be given clear warnings beforehand thinking of creating such nuisance that may backfire on you.

Causes that lead to competitive cooldown:

  • Failures of network hosts

Any player who cannot remain connected or reconnect to the server in time will receive a Competitive cooldown. This may be caused by network, technical, or local issues with your machine. But any time a player leaves a Competitive server and does not reconnect in time a Competitive cooldown will be issued.

If you fail to stay connected to the server, you’re going to face a competitive cooldown. This can be triggered by a network failure, technical issues with your device. However, if you won’t reconnect in time, be ready to face the cooldown. Though, you can troubleshoot these issues before you start playing any battle.

Players who have just entered this game will achieve 2 wins in 24 hours before they will get a competitive cooldown; it would be an intentional one in order to control the influence the new account holder could have on competitive matchmaking. However, the cooldown will remove once you will have 10 wins prime consecutively.

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  • Abusing of powers

Apparently, if you kick too many players from your team in a competitive battle, you may be issued a competitive cooldown. Doesn’t matter if you have done it via voting, or merely pressed ‘F1’, overdoing it will put your dmg cs2 prime accounts under cooldown.  

Cooldowns are issued for such nuisance creation since it is considered as an abuse of power by players and, if you face such issues, as in, abusive players who kick you out thru voting, it is suggested to report them inside the game. Kicking a teammate is only acceptable under mitigating situations.

  • Kicked out from matches too many times

If you have been kicked out several times from competitive matches. Corresponding to what a player faces when they kick too many players, this kind of incident will too lead to a cooldown event for your account.

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Leaving a running match midway can give you a cooldown, as well.

 Can a cooldown be removed? And, how long does it stay?

Unfortunately, you can’t! You are going to need to wait until it’s over. The longest period for a cooldown is one-week; though any additional competitive cooldown issued during that exact one-week period will double the timing.

  • First cooldown lasts for 30 min.
  • Second cooldown lasts for 2 hours.
  • Third cooldown lasts for 24 hours.
  • Fourth cooldown lasts for 1 week.

Buy cs2 prime accounts

If you will be careful in the game, and keep these points in mind, you probably won’t be facing any competitive cooldown. With cs2 high tier accounts, you’d be able to enjoy everything the game has to offer! Cs2 prime Status accounts offer perks that include rare item drops, armaments covers, and much more. Cs2 smurf accounts will provide a smooth gameplay without any interference. You won’t find any hackers to cause any more trouble.  You can have fun whilst smurfing, as well!

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