How Do CSGO Ranked Accounts Work? CSGO Ranking Explained

Any FPS gaming requires a certain skill set by the player in order to attain the maximum level of position, possibly the highest level. Similarly, in games like CSGO, ranks play crucial role. In CSGO, rank helps in categorizing the players, and with matchmaking competitions, as well. CSGO has an ELO rating mechanism, wherein it identifies what level you are currently positioned at, and based on that, finds out a player that’s suitable, as per your level. The basis is to win more, and quickly move a higher position in CSGO. However, if you have just begun the game would be a bit confusing and may take a while for you to grasp. All the ranking concepts would deem hard for you to comprehend, though you will soon understand since we are here attempting to explain how does csgo rank works and how you can level up your ranking? Do csgo ranked accounts help in your rankings? If so, how?

How do CSGO Ranked Accounts Work?

After you have learned your way through this game, you can consider buying csgo ranked accounts. They help you reach a certain level you are unable to reach. Sometimes it becomes the only way to play the game peacefully. Since CSGO is filled with cheaters and hackers. Player’s  frustration level goes higher than the level present in the game. Purchasing a ranked account is the only way left nowadays, only to avoid hackers. Csgo ranked account allows players to play the game with no nuisance. Another best thing about csgo ranked accounts is that players don’t have to worry about losing their ranks when they’ll lose a match. Your ranks will stay intact, you can play as much you want, without any interference.

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How Many Ranks are There in CSGO?

CSGO has 18 ranks in total; the higher you go, the higher you move, the harder the battle gets. Initially, every player has to complete level 21 and then only you’ll attain the ‘prime status’ in the game. However, completing all 21 levels is pretty stimulating. Once you move up and up the challenges seem to double which sometimes result in frustration and several failed attempts in order to reach the next level. Although, this is what makes the game most intriguing to play.

The rankings CSGO comprise of are as follows:

  • Silver I (S1)
  • Silver II (S2)
  • Silver III (S3)
  • Silver IV (S4)
  • Silver Elite (SE)
  • Silver Elite Master (SEM)
  • Gold Nova I (GN1)
  • Gold Nova II (GN2)
  • Gold Nova III (GN3)
  • Gold Nova Master (GNM/GN4)
  • Master Guardian I (MG/MG1)
  • Master Guardian II (MG2)
  • Master Guardian Elite (MGE)
  • Distinguished Master Guardian (DMG)
  •  Legendary Eagle (LE)
  • Legendary Eagle Master (LEM)
  • Supreme Master First Class (SMFC)
  • The Global Elite (GE)

CSGO Rankings Explained:

The csgo ranking guide states Silver ranks to be the lowest and the first rank you’d achieve when you will start playing. In silver level you’ll find only beginners who have just started playing the game, as well. The silver phase would be an easy level for you to begin with since there won’t be much strategies and skills needed. So don’t anticipate much from this rank, a lot even purchase silver csgo ranked accounts only to have fun. However, levels above it won’t be anything like the silver rank levels; you will get to fight higher level players that have pro level skill sets. In silver level you won’t be facing many challenges. Well, there will hardly be any challenges if I’d have to be honest. It is a smooth experience for beginners, though you need to get going quickly if you’re looking for tough battle scenes with skilled players. Ensure that you don’t face smurf players, they sometimes create nuisance for no apparent reason, and make it harder for the newbies to cross silver.

After silver comes Gold Nova level. The nova level comes with several opportunities for you to learn new skills. Though players here may have various skills, communication with your teammates is still a struggle. Still, the certainty of challenging levels in Gold Nova makes it much more exciting than the Silvers. Here, your patience and skills will be tested. The initial level may be easier to undergo, however, once you go up, they’d involve a rather planned approach and skilled play. Obviously, this level is no bed of roses when measured up to silver level. The Gold nova level is a way to build and enhance your skills to become a proficient player in CSGO. You’ll learn a lot past this level.

After successfully completing Nova level, you’ll face the Master Guardian Level. In this level you will be faced with more skilled and competent players. There will be professional players that might knock you down in a minute. These players will have exhaustive knowledge along with countless strategies. Cruising through Masters Guardian is a no joke! One has to go through numerous battles, and require extensive knowledge in order to face their opponents. It is said that a player must spend as much time as they could so that he could comprehend the strategies of its opponents. This would help you concoct your own planning to stroke your opponents, and finally move to the highest level.

If you have attained the Elite rank, bear in mind that you have become the best already in this game. You’d be an Elite, as the name suggests. The name of the level speaks for itself; though this level is the hardest of all! You have to invest more of your time in this level which sometimes can be stressful. Elite players are professionals, when you’ll reach there you’d be one too! By then you’d know about all the nitty-gritties of the game, you’ll have every detail in your fingertips.

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How to Lift Your Rankings in CSGO?

To move higher up in the ranks, obviously you need to start winning games and when you have won enough games, then automatically you rank up. And in a similar way, if you lose games continuously, then you will get degraded. According to Valve, CS: GO comes with a ranking system that closely resembles the Glicko-2 ranking method.

The easiest way to move up higher is to purchase csgo ranked accounts from a trusted smurf store. Although, it is better if you first learn to play the game at least. Choosing any csgo ranked accounts only to attain a certain rank won’t do you any good. What would be the point of calling yourself a gamer if you chose an easy road; a gamer always chooses to fight. There will always be a time when you can go for csgo ranked accounts, let’s not make that day today! If you truly want to learn how does csgo work? How to rank higher? Here are some tips that may help you in the game:

Warmup/ practise

Before jumping straight into matchmaking, do a little warm up first. Practice for a while, it helps you to keep your focus in the game; it is effective and works out just fine.

Choose potential players

This is a common yet an effective tool that can give you win in every round. It is suggested to choose a certain player that has potential and holds specific skillsets. Having better communication with your teammates, always. If you lack any of these, you may end up losing every match you’ll play. Having newbies as your teammates might frustrate you at times, and you’ll end up affecting your performance, and gameplay, on the whole.

Learn the spray mechanism and recoil damage

Practicing in your recoil mechanism makes a lot of difference. You need to learn the spray pattern of every weapon, and their recoil damages. The more you’ll practice on this, the quicker you’ll improve your gameplay.

Playing as a team

This isn’t acknowledged by many, but it is a vital thing to remember when you’re playing as a team. You need to work as a team, don’t play individually, do not run after completing tasks alone. Place bombs, neutralise them, and assist your teammates. This is the only way you can reach your desired level faster.

Attune your sensitivity, crosshair, graphics, etc.

It is a petite thing to focus on, though it works like a charm when you consider them as your priority. Focusing on these tiny factors decides your playing experience in CSGO. Having the perfect aim is a key factor in any fps gaming; similarly in CSGO you need to look after your aiming skills. Keep an eye on the mini-map at all times, as soon as you spot an enemy you can kill them right away. Go to your settings and tweak sensitivity, graphics to its required level.

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