CS2 Accounts FAQs

To simply put, CS2 Prime Accounts are smurf account of special kind that are intended for Prime Matchmaking. One needs to have its private rank positioned at 21in order to be qualified for Prime matchmaking. Or, on the other hand, you could purchase the prime status from steam. Prime matchmaking is the best way to avoid cheaters; the possibility of getting matched with a hacker is infinitesimal.

By the time a player reaches the 2nd rank and attain some skills, they could become eligible in competitive matches wherein they get to play with other players. However, resources and cash are limited, though they’d get to live through the real gaming. The ranking system helps a player to discover what level they are at, and how skilled they have become so far. By playing more games, a player could not only gain experience, but also refine his skills a little more.

Whilst the game is welcoming for the newbies, it is equally frustrating for the higher level players. They get a ‘cool-down’ after two wins, and it continues until they get 10 wins, and bags the no.1 position, which by the way, isn’t a piece of cake since you may have to play against cheaters.

An abbreviation for Counter Strike 2, a multiplayer fps (First Person Shooter) that developed in the 2010s. It was quiet famous amongst gamers, be it professional or non-gamers. Though it was initially in August 2012 by Valve cooperation and Hidden Path Entertainment for Pcs and major consoles. The game divides player into 2 teams: the Counter- Terrorists and Terrorists, each one of them tries to defeat one another by taking action on setting off or preventing the bomb from exploding and rescuing captives.

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Right after you have made your payment and it gets accepted, you will get all the account details on your registered email id.

  • Choose your desired Smurf account and add it into the cart.
  • Click to next
  • Scroll straight to the bottom and go further
  • Log into your account and choose your billing address, remember, there’s no shipping required.
  • Choose a payment method
  • Look into your registered email for order confirmation and your license key.
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Cs2 smurf accounts gives an opportunity to the player to play with newbies, on order to have fun. Smurf accounts help a player to stay away from any hackers/cheaters, work on their skill sets, additionally.

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CSGO was the first video game to become a part of Counter- Strike series. Originally, it was simple, people played it to only to pass their leisure time. Gradually, they added new features in the game, which helped in gaining much attention, and people started playing it often. The game kept introducing new features as it gained much interests from its audience. They launched features such as the nuke, train, dust, etc. They launched new modes, as well, such as Wingman, Arms Race, and Flying Scotsman. This created a stream of excitement amongst the players. Their website offers new features 24/7, and the level of curiosity hasn’t condensed till date. The game is transparent, and you can watch it live, or download them. This way you’d be able to watch the game with as many replays as you may please.

The number varies, every year. So, to state a specific number would be, impossible. Time is changing, people’s interests are changing. They are leaning more towards gaming nowadays. A survey done in 2015 depicted that about 786,707 have gaming accounts, and by December the no. rose to 823,694. By 2016, the number was 850,485, and by August, 2019 the statistics shows that CS2 has 17.22 million monthly active users.