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2020 would be considered as a memorable year, and not for good reasons. Just when we thought of hitting this year with dreams, and high hopes- the world found itself battling another pandemic. Though CSGO players haven’t been affected that much during this pandemic since they didn’t have any other work that required going out. Gamers usually spend their whole time indoors playing games. The sole reason why CSGO bags so much attention from its viewers is because the game is pretty easy to fathom. Anyone who has never played this game, can figure out what is going on in this round. Some join the fandom after watching the live tournaments, whilst some become a member after watching their friends play with utter enthusiasm. Amongst these new joiners, few looking for a way to find out- how to get prime csgo accounts at a reasonable price.

Before you jump into discovering how to get prime csgo accounts, you should first know a few things: how does it work, and what are csgo prime accounts? CSGO Prime accounts can be achieved once you have attained the prime status which is given to you after you have successfully passed all the 21 levels. A prime status can either be purchased or you can choose the long road, i.e. playing till you reach 21 level.

We have tried giving as much information on how to get prime csgo accounts along with its benefits:

How to Get Prime CSGO Account?

Valve made the game free for everyone on Dec 6, 2019; so, if you have been playing this game and reached the 21 level before it went free, no need to worry- your prime status will automatically activate. However, if, for any reason you have removed your phone number that was once linked with your account you may lose the access to your prime status. It is necessary that you link your phone number to your Steam Account so that you won’t lose your Prime Status.

You can either purchase csgo prime accounts from CSGO Shop where you can get it for merely 8$, or can play till you get to level 21 fighting casual matches.

Benefits of Prime CSGO Accounts

When you become a prime player, you will be matched against other prime players in the matchmaking. Additionally, you will get access to exclusive items, drops, cases for weapons, and much more.

The best thing to have prime is that there isn’t a presence of hackers or cheaters. Since, aim botting, and wall hacking are common practises by hackers, that can be found significantly in the lower section of the game. Therefore, prime accounts work as a barrier against the cheaters, who mostly ruin the whole gameplay merely because they do not want to invest pennies into csgo accounts. Little do they know- it leads to banning of such accounts for lifetime. Though, it isn’t promised that such nuisances are gone completely for good, once you have purchased a prime account; you may come face to face with such nuisances once or twice, to say the least.

Obtaining a prime wouldn’t mean you will be immune to hackers, altogether, as we have aforementioned; prime status assists in improving the level of your battles. Prime cannot be called an anti-cheat- it will never be one- though, it is better than having nothing.

Can Prime and non-Prime CSGO users play together?

There are two answers to this question- Yes, and no. Yes, if you want to play with other non-prime players, and no, is for if you want to play with non- prime users in prime matchmaking- you can’t. You will tie in with other non-prime players in the matchmaking.

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What is a Prime Status?

It can be availed when you reach level 21. You will be matched against other prime users in the game, once you have attained the prime status.

How to Get Prime Status?

You have two options to choose from, in order to get the prime status:

  1. You can purchase a prime account from Steam Store, or
  2. Play till you get to level 21. It can be seen as a boon, if you look carefully. I mean, you will be well enough to play against other players as you go higher, since you would be gaining enough experience by the time you clear all the 21 levels.

Although, choices are yours. It is your personal call, whether to purchase them and save time, or play until it refines your skills.

How to activate Prime status if you have achieved the level 21 in CSGO, prior to it going free?

As we have stated in the beginning of this article, Valve has made the game free in 2019. If you are already on the level 21 in CSGO then click on the ‘play’ button that would be in the upper left corner. A green coin would appear on your computer screen that would notify you of your Prime status activation.

What shall be done after I have successfully made it to level 21 in CSGO?

If you have reached this level by playing the game, you wouldn’t have to do anything. You will become a prime status holder soon after you are finished with the 21st level.

Can I Get Rid of My Prime Status?

No. and, why would you even want to do that? Once you have achieved this title, it will stay with you forever!

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