Csgo Prime 10+wins | Loyalty Badge(Green Trust Factor) | Original Email

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Prior to Valve making CS GO a free-to-play game for everyone in 2019, loyalty badges didn’t hold any significance, as such. Why? Because everyone knew about it, and almost everyone used to get it since it was for free; however, after Valve made the new update, loyalty badges got the attention it deserved. Now, the game has two categories- one without the loyalty badge and one with the badge. And, on our website we’re selling them at $9.99.

It  isn’t too late for you to start your CSGO journey. Buy our CSGO accounts, and boost your conviction; furthermore, your loyalty badge won’t show on your profile, that’s the greatest part! Every single details would be sent to your email after the payment 

This account features:

    • 10+ wins 
    • Loyalty badge