Csgo Prime 70wins Private Rank 37 (Medal unlocks @40)

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It’s time for you to amp-up your game a little and start your gameplay with a little more confidence. Boost your conviction with our CSGO Prime accounts with 37 wins I PR 37 I

With the help of this account, you can easily achieve the rank you have been desiring for so long. You can dodge any complexities, unjust behavior by the hackers, etc. Choosing a PR can help you avoid numerous disadvantages. Reaching a PR can be perplexing ‘cause it isn’t an easy road; it was made this way so that the banned players couldn’t join the matchmaking zone, quickly. 

The CSGO Prime account features:

    • 70wins
    • Goldnova MG Elo
    • Private rank 37
    • Medal will be unlocked at private rank 40
Csgo Prime 70wins Private Rank 37 (Medal unlocks @40)
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