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The veteran coins can be upgraded by playing matches and winning them during the task. After the operation is finished the coins will be in your inventory, however, they can no longer be upgraded. Likewise, once an operation is done, you can exchange an operation pass for an operation coin, though you will get the lowest level coin. And, to be entitled to attain the coin, the player must play a game from Counter Strike. You must have the game for at least 10 years and have played it once, also, the account must be free from any illegitimate activities (no cheats/bans).

We feature:

  •         5 Year veteran coin
  •         10 year veteran Coin
  •         12 wins
  •         Market enabled
  •         Add mobile authentication instantly
  •         Add friends feature enabled

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  • 5 Year veteran coin
  • 10 year veteran Coin
  • 35 Wins
  • Market enabled
  • Add friends feature enabled