Will Train be remade for CS2 by Valve? Reports indicate that

Although it adds a lot of new features, Counter-Strike 2 is still lacking in many areas. Mappers may get back to work repairing their masterpieces from Global Offensive now that the workshop is back, which is a positive development. New strings found by CS:GO dataminers may have leaked a much-appreciated surprise, albeit Valve has not […]

CS2 Shop: What is CS2 Shop?

Online CS2 shops are in surplus, and you will find plenty of them. The no.1 is Buycsgorank.com. CS2 shop is like any other regular Smurf store, which consists of CS2 accounts and Smurf accounts. These shops help you to discover your desired account, though prices on some websites may be against the inclination of the […]

Smurf Accounts Explained

With the pandemic still around the corner, the best way people have found to kill their boredom is by playing games. CS2 has helped so much in pulling out the frustration of many ever since the pandemic hit in 2020; you can say it somewhat helped CS2 rose to fame and gain more followers. The […]