Terms And Conditions

It is advised that you go through our Terms and Conditions thoroughly prior using the services of bucsgorank.com

Your approach to our Service is acclimatized on your approval and submission with these terms. These Terms are applicable to all users, visitors, and others who log onto or make use of the Service. You are obligated by these Terms once you log onto or use the Service. If you don’t agree with any part of the Terms you may not use the Service.

Website Use

In order to make use of our website you must be 18 or above years or under the direction of a guardian. You cannot use the website for mercantile purpose or on behalf of a user as a third party user unless you have clearly stated us prior with the consensus of the user. If you violate any of these terms and conditions, it would direct to annulment of the order and other possible forfeits.

Any comments/perspective made by the customers would be their argument, and their only. We won’t be responsible by any means. Some features would made themselves avail to you only after you register. Must you register then you are accountable to deliver information to the best of your knowledge. If any changes needed to that information provide by you, then it must take place straightaway.

Members are responsible for the protection of their own accounts & passwords, and are directed to keep their passwords to themselves and not to share them under any circumstances given. If any illicit activity done under your username, you will be liable for such activity solely. However, if that person isn’t you, then you may contact us and let us know about the activity.


Creating an account on our website requires accurate information that are complete and up-to-date; it is pivotal for you to provide us with such details. If you fails to provide us the details, it may amounts to a violation of the Terms, which might lead to termination of your account. Confirming your identity would need a verified PayPal account. If you have valid information, then only you can make a use of our Services.

You are the sole protector of your passwords that you use to log onto the Service and for other activities. You come to understanding not to reveal your password to any third-part whatsoever. You must let us know if there’s any violation took place in the security or illicit use of your account.

Pricing and Approval of Order

We have the right to cancel your order at any given time for any reason. Information aren’t limited to only phone number and address, we may ask questions beyond that, prior accepting your order. Regarding payment via debit or credit cards, we preserve the right to attain more proof concerning identification, home address, delivery place, personal information. If for any reason you failed to provide information or there’s not enough provision, this may direct to cancelling your order instantly. If for any reason suspicion or doubt arises concerning counterfeit activity and exploitation of a debit or credit card in order to make a payment for a product would lead to cancellation, as well.

We are responsible as to what we post. Providing information regarding the prices on the website is solely our duty. Albeit, if there’s any errors to be found, such as mispriced products, it would be our utmost priority to make alterations for the said event, immediately. Furthermore, we hold the right to cancel/refuse your order’s delivery at any time without being liable to justify our action even if you have made the payment, just in case the there’s a wrong price written. We would return the money if paid, lest the order is rejected or cancelled. 

Refund Policy

  • Buyer won’t get their money back once the payment is done. Though they can ask for a replacement within 12 hours’ time (information of the account shall remain intact.)
  • It is the customer’s sole liability to protect his/her DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS & PAYPAL ACCOUNTS. Buycsgorank wouldn’t be charged for any misdeed done from the customer’s PayPal Acccounts or Cards on our website, and wouldn’t be held accountable to pay any penalties or expose to an illegal chargeback.
  • The buyer would require to provide its PayPal Email id in the billing part of the website. If you couldn’t provide it, or postulate a false email, Buycsgorank wouldn’t be held liable for the unsuccessful delivery of the order, along with ‘any item not received chargeback’ wouldn’t be fed by us, and will completely be null & void.
  • If any unwanted chargebacks and forgery been attempted, it will result straight to severe action which might direct to IP Ban.
  • Lest of a dispute or chargeback risen by the customer, we own full authorisation to cancel/lock the account up until PayPal marks the case closed in its review. We won’t be held liable if the customer’s the whole reason behind his/her wrong chargeback that led us locking the account.

Replacement Terms

  1. A wrong account’s been delivered to you erroneously.
  2. No rank on the account found during the purchase.
  3. If a customer’s account gets jeopardized or locked, he/she must inform us quickly as possible so that we could attempt getting back the account within 3 days right after the complaint’s been lodged. We won’t be held responsible if the jeopardized accounts get a VAC (Valve-Anti-Theft) ban.
  4. Buycsgorank wouldn’t be accountable for the ‘trust factor’ of any account purchased. Accounts consisting bad or low trust factor wouldn’t be replaced or refunded since, there isn’t any tool whatsoever, to measure the trust factor of the accounts. Hence, we do not assure a high trust factors on any account.
  5. If any account gets VAC or GAME banned due to the usage of cheats or any third party software exercised by the user, wouldn’t be liable for a replacement or refund in the least. Even if the request’s made by the user himself, wouldn’t be accommodated by us.
  6. We won’t take any accountability for any account sold by the end-user to anyone.
  7. If the customer get a Party Member Ban, he/she must inform us within 48 hrs of delivery to get a re-boosting or replacement of the account.
  8. If a higher rank account gets a Party Member Ban such a Supreme Master First Class, Global Elite, Legendary Eagle, Legendary Eagle master, they would be re-boosted only to a subjective rank.

Termination/ Suspension of Account

Upon breaching the Terms, we may put on hold or cease access to our Service right away, without notifying you prior, for any reason, that too without restriction.

Any proviso of the Terms that are immune from Termination by its nature, including without limitation, warranty disclaimers, ownership provisions, indemnity, and limitation of liability shall subsist.

Your right to access our Services shall cease to exist after the termination, effective immediately. You can dismiss your account if you wish to, by simply not using the service.

Intellectual Property Rights

Services proffered on our website are provided by us only, and not the publishers/owners. All trademarks, service marks, copyright go to the subsequent publishers/owners. We are not concerned or allied to any of the stated owners or publishers.


We hold the right, at our sole will, to alter or revise these Terms at any period. If it’s about material modification, we’d try to make available a notice, 15 days’ prior to any new terms taking place. Any material change establishment would solely be based at our own discretion.

By using our service after the changes took place, you approve to be obliged by the amended terms. If you do not come to an agreement with the revised terms then, it is advised that you discontinue using our Service.

Lexicon of Terms:

  1. VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat):If a client connects to a Valve Anti Cheat server via computer that has cheats installed, the VAC system would ban the user for good from VAC-Secured servers. VAC system can catch cheats with the help of their cheat signature. What considered as a cheat or hack under VAC system is any modification done to a game thru a third party in order to offer one player a lead over another. If a user would caught using such cheats will activate VAC ban. VAC Ban triggered by alteration to a game’s underlying executable files and active link libraries. However, server admin can opt to ban particular player, what they can’t do is, VAC ban a player.

What doesn’t generate VAC Ban?

  • Exercising chat programs such as X-Fire or Overwolf.
  • Updated System Drivers, like Video Cards Drivers.
  • System Hardware Configurations
  1. Over-Watch: 

The Over Watch allows the CS2 Community control itself by enabling skilled and competent members of the group in order to assess reports of unruly behaviour, establish whether those assessments made are legit, and if so, put temporary ban, if needed.

Abbreviations applied  in the Product Descriptions are:
S-1/S1- Silver 1
S-2/S2- Silver 2
S-3/S3- Silver 3
S-4/S4-  Silver 4
S-E/SE-  Silver Elite
SEM- Silver Elite Master
GN-1/GN1- Gold Nova 1
GN-2/GN2- Gold Nova 2
GN-3/GN3- Gold Nova 3
GN-4/GN4/GNM- Gold Nova Master
MG-1/MG1-  Master Guardian 1
MG-2/MG2- Master Guardian 2
MG-3/MG3/MGE-  Master Guardian Elite
DMG- Distinguished Master Guardian
LE- Legendary Eagle
LEM- Legendary Eagle Master
SMFC- Supreme Master First Class
GE- Global Elite

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