To turn on wallhack in CS2, follow these steps.

In any game, the ability to see enemies through walls is incredibly advantageous. You can download and activate wallhacks, often known as WH, to see through walls in Counter-Strike 2, much like in the first game.

Wallhack console command

Any Counter-Strike 2 player can view foes through walls and enable wallhacking with only one simple console command: Drawing Other Models 2. This command cannot be used during a match since it requires servers to have cheats enabled. You can only use it on a training server or while playing bot games as a result.

However, WH can be enabled through the CS2 console. Launch the command prompt first. The default way it opens is by using ~. If you’re having trouble opening the console in CS:GO, make sure it’s enabled in the game’s settings. So, when the console opens, type sv_cheats 1, followed by r_drawOtherModels 2. After that, a mesh will be applied to every model, allowing you to see through barriers. Practicing wallbangs and rounds is much easier with this command.

CS2 Smoke Bug

You can see through smoke when you turn on AutoHDR in Windows, but walls remain invisible. At the moment, this CS2 setting is not working. For an instant, this renders smoke invisible, allowing you to see through it. Smoke has broken down before in Counter-Strike 2. If you were playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for instance, you could temporarily eliminate smoke by shrinking and expanding the game. Thankfully, we were able to fix the bug immediately.

As well as being unethical, it detracts from the fun that everyone has while playing the game. Thankfully, Valve has resumed active development and is regularly releasing updates for the game. You could temporarily hide wall textures with one of the latest patches that addressed Splitscreen_mode 2, another faulty console command. The smoke bug will also likely be fixed soon.