How to clear decals in CS2?

clear decals in CS2

You can have lightning-fast reflexes and a high frame rate, but sometimes the environment’s color scheme or natural obstructions just make it impossible to respond in time to kill the attacker. In CS2, the problem of gunfire and blood staining the map is particularly obvious. In Counter-Strike, small details can make a big difference, so make sure your screen is crystal clear so you don’t miss your enemies. In this guide, we will teach you: how to clear decals in CS2?

Does CS2 have a way to remove decals from the console commands?

At this time, binding clear decals is not an option in CS2. You don’t need to bind the one decal-related command that actually works; it just disables the visual effects of things like blood and gunshot holes. A few easy actions will allow you to activate this command on your own:

There was a time when players who knew how to legally use the Clear Decals commands in online CS:GO games had a leg up on those who didn’t. Even though this purely aesthetic benefit had little bearing on the win rate, it did throw things out of whack.

Clients should be aware that these effects are generated on their end. Just for you, they’ll vanish; for everyone else, they’ll stay.

  • Open the console with “~” (If disabled, press Esc -> Settings -> Game, check Enable Developer Console.)
  • type r_cleardecals
  • Press Enter

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