Best Gut Knives to Buy in CSGO Shop

Knives in csgo are one of the most exemplary features. The weapons have distinct designs and colors. They often exhibit a player’s style, skills, even his way of communication. We have combined some of the best knives that can be found in the steam market, as well as in any csgo shop. If you are […]

How to Achieve the Master Guardian CSGO Rank?

Valve played a significant role in expanding the horizons of the gaming industry all over the world. The corporation has built the most crucial, and organised gaming system and allowed its existence to come in contact with the people of the world. Counter Strike Global Offensive has been one of the most influential games to […]

A Guide to CSGO Mouse Sensitivity

Everybody wants to reach the Elites in CSGO, and if you too are one of them let us teach you some things that may change your gaming experience for good! I mean, it is evident that in order to be best you gotta practice, but there are certain aspects that you need to put your […]

How Do You Achieve a CSGO Rank?

You can be either skating above the dmg csgo levelled players, or learning to exercise with the silver players; CSGO is an amazing game that let you measure your skill in matchmaking. There are a total of 18 ranks in CSGO, and the span from beginners to professionals. However, the significance of ranks are subjective; […]

CSGO Prime Status & Cooldown Explained

Prime status explained: Basically, a prime status works as a feature in CSGO that can be achieved or purchased by any player. However, if you aren’t looking forward to paying any money behind csgo prime accounts, then you can surely choose the latter; complete all 21 levels. After pulling off your prime status, you’d be […]

Best CSGO Skins For Galil

Galil skin is like that one creative kid that holds special creativity within him- though no one accepts his ‘unconventional’ ideas- those who do accept his ideas stands out in his creation. This is how Galil skins work!  However, the worst part is that Galil’s are often compared abreast with the invincible AK-47– the go-to-rifle […]

How to Rank Up in CSGO Faster 2021

CSGO’s ranking system is so distinct that players from all across the globe, lure back to this game, no matter what. The ranking features is what makes the whole game so widely popular. This is the reason why players boast so much about their ranks; if you’re in a higher position, you’re obviously a great […]

Why Do You Need CSGO Smurf Accounts?

Last year, 2020, took a toll on all of us; and, the pressure it created amongst everyone on us is beyond comparison! With life’s upheaval battles, you just don’t know where to put all your frustration; there are two places a person goes to in order to fight his frustrations- either gym, or online gaming. […]

How to Get Prime CSGO Accounts – Prime CSGO

2020 would be considered as a memorable year, and not for good reasons. Just when we thought of hitting this year with dreams, and high hopes- the world found itself battling another pandemic. Though CSGO players haven’t been affected that much during this pandemic since they didn’t have any other work that required going out. […]

CSGO Shop: What is CSGO Shop?

Online csgo shops are in surplus, you will find plenty of them. The no.1 being CSGO shop is like any other regular smurf store wherein, consist of csgo accounts, smurf accounts. These shops help you to discover your desired account; though, prices on some websites may be against the inclination of the customer’s budget. […]