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The prices mentioned on our website are listed by Hours, Ranks, Games, Coins, Steam Level, and several more.
Our Smurf accounts are sold by authentic and extremely reputed boosters. Besides, we do
not support third party assistance, or any cheat codes, in order to boost our smurf accounts.
We admire our customers’ request, and would aspire to withstand the trust they have in us.
As a result, we vended over 10,000+ accounts throughout the years.

Shop With the Best!

The prices mentioned on our website are listed by Hours, Ranks, Games, Coins, Steam Level, and several more. Our Smurf accounts are sold by authentic and extremely reputed boosters. Besides, we do not support third party assistance, or any cheat codes, in order to boost our smurf accounts. We admire our customers’ request, and would aspire to withstand the trust they have in us. As a result, we vended over 10,000+ accounts throughout the years.



With over 50000+ customers, Buycsgorank is known for its cutthroat and doable smurf accounts. We took pride in being the cream of the crop when it comes to CSGO Ranked Accounts, with an array of options to choose from. We have 24×7 live chat support for any assistance.

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Why Us?

24x7 Support

We won’t leave your side until you get what you been seeking. Upon any queries regarding smurf accounts, payments, availability of accounts, prices, etc. we’d be ever ready to answer your dilemma. We desire nothing but your satisfaction, with our service.

Secured Payments

Our payment gateaway is fully protected. It ensures your information are fortified from any hackers and that your identifications are safe and sound. Our customer’s safety is our no. 1 precedence.

Affordable Pricing

You wouldn’t get a smurf account that’s reasonable and high quality at the same time. Here, you’re getting highest ranked account at a cost-effective range.

Instant Delivery

Get your desired account quickly as you make the payment. You’ll get all the details into your specified email address.

What Are CSGO Ranked Account & Smurf Account?

CSGO Ranked account and CSGO Smurf accounts are usually used by the players who want to compete against a lower level player. This is a common practice that’s been around several years in CSGO. CSGO accounts assist the player to attain a higher rank such as Prime Gold Nova III; some use it to boost their friend’s low level rank, whilst some use it for some serious gameplay in order to enhance their skill sets.
The reason why many opt for a CSGO account is because the competitive cool-downs are one hell of a nuisance! The cool-down sometimes stays for 7 days straight, so it’s better to buy a smurf account rather than waiting for 7 D-A-Y-S.
And, those who own CSGO Ranked accounts are in a pretty great position. They have attained a higher rank in CSGO matchmaking, however, they still lack some skills when it comes to some weapons. For which they buy CSGO Smurf accounts to play with lower ranked players so as to enhance their skills for a certain weaponry.

Type of CSGO Account?

1. Prime Account
2. Non-Prime Account
3. Medal Prime Account

What is a CSGO Prime Account?

CSGO prime accounts are premium accounts of CSGO. The choice lies on you whether you want to achieve it or buy it. You can achieve a prime rank after completing all the 21 levels, or you can buy CSGO prime accounts from After achieving the prime status, you’d be matched against all the prime players in the game. Prime CSGO smurf accounts have its own benefits; you get to collect exclusive souvenirs, special drops, game modes, weapons, etc.
Those who have paid for their CSGO prime accounts are eligible for Prime ranking. For all intents and purposes you’d be playing against those who have a prime accounts, as well, during the matchmaking. When players buy CSGO prime accounts they are proffered with enhanced quality matches, since the game won’t have any bots, cheaters, or hackers. CSGO Prime accounts are another version of free CSGO version, but better! Buycsgorank does justice with the price tags, and with CSGO prime accounts for sale, we are offering our clients with supreme quality prime accounts.

What is a CSGO Non-Prime Account?

Non-Prime Account is the free account of CS: GO. You get paired with other non-prime account players only. If you are thinking of getting paired with your friend who doesn’t have a Prime account, then you will get paired with the other non-prime account players too.
Non-prime CSGO accounts are available in CSGO. The game pairs you with other non-prime account holders. A non-prime account allows a player to smurf smoothly in CSGO. A private rank 2 non-prime account (PR2) helps the player to play in competitive matches. It is a great choice for those who wants challenge themselves and reach a certain level on their own with their skills. You can determine your first 10 matches or rank placement competition. There are several other non-prime accounts that’s available for you to buy: Silver 1-2 non-prime CSGO account, Silver Elite-Silver Elite Master Non-Prime CSGO Account, Gold nova 1-4 Non-Prime CSGO Account, Master guardian 1-3 Non-Prime CSGO Account, Legendary Eagle non-prime CSGO account. You also have an option to buy non-prime accounts at lowest price. sells cheap CSGO non-prime accounts on their website, you can buy CSGO non-prime accounts from us and you won’t even regret it!

Where Can I Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts?

Players buy CSGO smurf accounts all the time. It’s an amazing option for those who wants to enhance their skills by playing with the low ranked players, without risking of losing their rank in the game. They could win as many game they could. If a player is less experienced than you, it works as an opportunity for you to refine your skills, and come up with some new strategies for your next game. Another reason why players buy CSGO smurf accounts is to avoid the cool down period. provides genuine and authentic smurf accounts. We have CSGO rank accounts that aren’t boosted by any third party, whatsoever. Our online store is highly secure, and offers a safe passage of payment, as well.
We have handed over 50000+ accounts all across the globe with over tons of positive reviews
left online. You can buy CSGO accounts from our website with full assurance of getting an authentic product at a much reasonable rate. You can check our clearance sale to get the best offer.

How to Get Prime CSGO 

  1. Go to
  2. Choose any of your desired ranks, you want to buy and click on “Add to cart”.
  3. Right after you add your account into your cart, you could see a message would appear in the green bar informing you your accounts have been added with two options- ‘View cart’, and ‘Checkout’. View cart would show how many accounts you have added into the cart, whilst Checkout would take you straight up to the billing section.
  4. You can click on either of them. If you wish to go to the billing section directly, click on ‘Checkout.’
  5. After clicking on ‘Checkout’ you’d be redirected to the Checkout page. You will be asked to fill out your billing information: your name, email address, country, zip code, phone number.
  6. On the right side of the billing page you’d see a section called Your Order. Under it, every detail about your order would be mentioned there: how many accounts you’re buying, name of the accounts, sub-total.
  7. After filling all the details, you can pay for your accounts via PayPal, Debit or Credit cards, or through Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies. Then mark on the “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions.
  8. Place your order. And you’re done!

Why Should You Buy Accounts Smurf or Ranked Accounts From us?

CSGO is still one of the most hyped up game in 2020; it is as interesting as it was the time CSGO was launched!  The most significant aspect of this game is that it can keep you engaged for hours, and you wouldn’t know how you have spent 7 hours glued up to a chair. Though, you are require to have proper instruments; what instruments? It is connected with csgo accounts: csgo smurf accounts, a constituent of csgo account, you see. It helps a player play without having to face any interference, since we all know how hackers have ruined the game completely; and, even after the developers of the game claims to have eradicated all the hackers from CSGO, it is evident that they couldn’t manage to eliminate every single one of them hackers. 

With csgo ranked accounts you can be at your desired level in no time! You merely have to pick one account you desire, and you’re good to go. The interface of our website isn’t complicated, they are simple to understand, and all the details about the accounts have been written in a concise manner. We are as much secure, as one can be. Choosing us would imply that all your accounts are coming from a very secure place. We will provide you with the most privileged accounts that are legitimate, and gives you an assurance of being 100% genuine, and of premium nature!

Furthermore, it is our no.1 priority that our customer’s information stays completely safe from the hackers whilst making a purchase from our website. Our payment gateway is fully protected, hence, your personal information won’t come into light for hackers, or third parties. We ensure that your personal details are intact and haven’t been used outside other than our website.

With our 24×7 live support, you get to ask any queries you have, at any time of the day, or night. Our live support comes in a form of a chat window; no matter what the questions are, we’d be there!


Csgo prime accounts are specifically created for the prime matchmaking, and it is considered as a distinct sort of account, as well. In order to become worthy for prime matchmaking, you have to gain minimum Private Rank 21. All you have to do is put your phone number under verification to unravel the prime special elements. When you buy csgo prime accounts, chances are you’d be faced with less cheaters in the prime matchmakings. The probability of experiencing a match with a hacker or cheater is zero to none, if you choose to purchase prime accounts. Online csgo shop are in surplus, you will find plenty of them. The no.1 being

We have our csgo accounts boosted securely, and can assure you of being 100% clean for an impeccable performance in the arena. Buycsgorank serves over 150+ choices of prime accounts.

Advantages of having a prime account:

  1. Desired level of ranking.
  2. Matched against only prime players in prime matchmakings.
  3. Private inventory, and
  4. Gain access to all community operated hosts.

How to buy csgo prime & smurf accounts from buycsgorank:

All you have to do is to visit our website, i.e. and you will discover numerous options to choose from. Currently, we have our csgo accounts for sale wherein you’d get almost all the other csgo accounts at a much cheaper rate.

  • Choose your desired prime accounts, and add to cart.
  • Proceed and go to the bottom to go on further
  • You’ll be asked to log in, and enter your billing details. Although, there’d be no physical delivery of your account, bear that in mind.
  • Again, proceed to payment section and you will find various method of payment available.
  • After you have chosen the payment method, and done with all the procedure, your account will be sent to you instantly at your registered email address.

That’s it. All simple and quick!

What is CSGO

Counter Strike: one of the most played fps gaming that hasn’t stopped gaining its followers ever since its genesis. This legendry game came as the same time as the release of cs16, and Counter Strike Global Offensive released on august 21, 2012. The game features an advanced Anti- Cheat System known as VAC, built to catch those hackers. This feature doesn’t show any mercy to those who play against the rules of this game. The community has millions of contributors, still active, and their reach is over 100+ countries. Playing with csgo accounts has been a thrilling experience for players; with prime matchmaking lobbies, and over-watch, CSGO is rapidly and constantly progressing each day. The most interesting feature in this game are the skins, and new maps; these two features take the game to the next level. 

As we said earlier- the game is evolving- rather quickly, and Steam has offered free of cost gameplay by inviting more players.
The concept of this game is easy- two teams fighting against each other: Counter- Terrorist, and Terrorist. The terrorists get two options: plant the bomb, or guard the captives. Whilst Counter terrorists can choose to either defuse the bomb, prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb, or save the hostages. Moreover, the game consists of 9 game modes: Casual, Arms Race, Competitive, Death-match, Danger zone, Flying Scotsman, Armaments Course with various features.
You will play the game in Ranked and Unranked Accounts. Players with experience gets ranked by CSGO’s ranking mechanism, and based on their performance in the game they are bestowed positions, respectively. An unranked account player usually doesn’t have any skills, they merely play the game to enjoy their time. You can buy csgo prime accounts from our website, that’s only if the game succeeded to get inside that head of yours! We serves the best accounts to our customer; furthermore, our website’s running a sale, wherein you get to see all of our csgo prime accounts for sale! What would be better than this for a gamer, you tell me?!

What is CSGO Accounts

Let’s get straight to the point, shall we: what are csgo accounts? Well, to simply put- csgo accounts offer players with countless privileges, such as, playing with only prime-users, low ranked account holders. There are two types of CSGO Accounts:

  1. CSGO Prime Accounts.
  2. CSGO Smurf Accounts.

CSGO Prime Accounts:

Csgo prime accounts are known for their exclusive nature; they are designed specifically for prime matchmaking. Though, one needs to push until the Private Rank 21, otherwise you’d be unable to compete in prime matchmaking. Prime matchmaking feature is something that makes every player go bananas over this game. Since, prime matchmaking resultant in less number of cheaters, hence no interference. Csgo prime accounts are fully secured, and can be trusted. We do not have any prime accounts boosted illegitimately; for a flawless gaming experience, you can buy csgo prime accounts from our website at a much cheaper rate. 

What would be the benefits of owning a prime account?

  • First thing first, you will be getting your desired rank in the game.
  • Secondly, you can play with other prime players, and they’d be the only one you will be matched against.
  • Thirdly, you will have your own personal inventory.
  • And, lastly, you can have the access to all community operated servers.

CSGO Smurf Accounts:

CSGO Smurf Accounts is the concept of matchmaking in which a higher ranked player makes another account to play with the lower-ranked player. It is a multiplayer game, and the player Buy CSGO Smurfs Account just to take advantage of the lower-ranked player.

Now, what are smurf accounts? It is another concept of matchmaking; higher ranked players usually use it to have fun on lower ranked players. This is so to maintain their skills, and keep a check on their skillsets. This is more likely to boost their conviction, so that they can give tehri 100% in the battle.

The Benefits:

  1. It is cheaper than most prime accounts.
  2. You will matched with lower-ranked players.
  3. You can check your performance by playing with lower ranked players.

At buycsgorank you can buy csgo prime accounts, as well as smurf accounts. You can obviously go to other website, if that’s your preference. However, some website charge an awful amount of money on the prime & smurf accounts, and to make the matter even worse, the quality is just worst! Although, you can always put your faith on when it comes to delivering quality products at a good bargain. The sale on our website has allured many customers from all across the globe. You will see on our website that all of our csgo prime accounts for sale.

What is CSGO Smurf Accounts?

Csgo smurf account is another model of matchmaking; it helps the higher ranked players play with another csgo accounts just so they can play with low level players. The notion behind this is that the professional player requires to practise every day; in order to preserve their skills they purchase smurf accounts so that they could practise their new strategies on the players.

These csgo accounts help to elevate certain player’s confidence in the game. Higher ranked players can put their skills into use, in order to check whether their skills are still proficient enough. This gives a sense of conviction upon their dexterities, and help achieve wins over their performance in the game. However, smurfers are mistaken to be as hackers, since they never let the lower rank players win the game. And thus, a misconception raised between smurf players and hackers. They both regard different definitions.

Become a smurf ninja with buycsgorank, as we offer you the best quality smurf, as well, as csgo accounts. We have wide range of prime accounts on our website that ranges from cheap csgo accounts to csgo smurf accounts. We have successfully managed to establish over 99% positive feedbacks about our service. We have chat support that runs 24×7 for our customer; sensing any question, or any issue, and we will be at your service! Furthermore, we provide instant delivery right after you have made the payment. Our payment gateway is also fully secure, your personal details shall not be shared anywhere, other than our billing section.

How Does the Ranking Mechanism Works in CSGO?

Cgso ranking mechanism is pretty distinct, so to speak! We all are familiar with the fact that players must attain PR21, and some skills in order to become eligible for prime matchmaking and participate in competitive battles. With limited resources, and dimes, a player can have enough enjoyment in the game. With the help of csgo ranking system, you’d know about the current status of your rank; this would help you discover how much skills you have achieved, so far. With the ranking system, if you have been placed in the silvers, it’d mean you’re still lacking some skills; as you go up, your rank elevates. As soon as you go higher, you will see, you have gained a better grip of the game, and can fight off professionals even. However, the ranking mechanism of CSGO is mostly favourable for the new comers; it is pretty vexing for the experienced players holding PR2 rank; they have to face a cooldown after two wins. Until they don’t achieve 10 wins, and the number 1 spot, cool down won’t leave them that easily. Considering the fact that winning 10 matches is not pleasing, and easy, since you may not win because of the hackers, and smurfers.

Why Choose BUYCSGORANK to Buy CSGO Accounts

2020 turned out to be a pivoting year, though, the interest in gaming rose higher- especially, for CSGO gaming. The numbers are striking high; several websites being built for csgo prime accounts. Amongst many, one of the popular, and most trustworthy website is

An updated version of csgo ranked accounts, we have more than 200+ verified reviews, and served over 50,000+ customer all across the globe. When you visit our website, you will be introduced with more than 150 variations of csgo accounts. You will have the full liberty to choose any account; besides, our 24×7 live support will be here to assist you for every query raised, by our customer. If you are worrying over your safety, then we are happy to convey this message to you that you don’t have to! Your safety is our utmost priority; we ensure that your personal information are secured from all states.

We are putting our bets on the table that you wouldn’t find a place that provides its customer with 100% genuine, as well as, high quality products; however, here, you are getting both! We aren’t boasting, but stating the truth. We are inviting you, and ready to welcome you with all the warmth in this world to become a part of our family!

We don’t waste our time doing trivial things; in fact, we put all our attention on satisfying our customer’s needs.  With over 99% positive feedbacks, we have succeeded in creating an amicable relationship with our customer. Not only that, our customer put their faith on us fully, and that’s what help us motivate to do more, for you! It gives us an ultimate joy when our customer choose us to buy csgo accounts.

We have listed every possible benefits a customer can get when they choose to buy csgo prime accounts from our website:

You won’t have to pay dimes after dimes, in search for that specific, and exclusive account that shows no sign of imperfections.

Buycsgorank delivers the best to you! None of our accounts are boosted by any third party, so you can be sure that you are paying for a genuine product.

Our chat support is live 24×7. Which means, any time you write us with your concern you will get a response immediately.

CSGO Ranked account

Buycsgorank finds its pleasure in delivering the best! We are known for our sustainable, and fierce accounts. We offer an authentic, and with a no-blunder csgo ranked accounts to our customer that are considerably at an affordable price range. We keep working on refining our customer’s experience with us. Our stock includes both:

  • Csgo ranked accounts, and
  • Non-Prime csgo ranked account.

Csgo ranked accounts are an alternative name for csgo smurf accounts that has a matchmaking feature in it. Player need to win 10 matches in order to unlock the ranking system of CSGO.

At buycsgorank, you will be offered with various ranked accounts. From S1 (Silver 1) to the GE (Global Elite.) The lowest is the Silver 1; it is a fun level when you merely looking for trolling, and having fun. Though, as you go higher, the game becomes intense and it may require for you to turn your beast mode on. 

We proffer you with CSGO prime accounts of all levels; usually, prime accounts are secondary accounts, Steam Account being the main. When you buy csgo accounts, you will notice a significant amount of change in number of hackers, as if they cease to exist; that’s because, csgo accounts don’t have any cheater, or hackers. Hence, it is suggested to buy a prime account for a smooth gameplay. We even offer cheap csgo accounts that are of quality material.

You will get the account pretty quickly, once the payment’s done. You are only one step ahead to experience the adventure of smurfing and CSGO battles! If you are wondering if we use any third party boosters, or cheat codes to boost our smurf accounts, then let us clarify you that we detest such practices, and can assure you that all of our products available on our website are 100% authentic.