What is the CS2 key price in Counter Strike 2?

One of the many cool features in the first-person shooter Counter-Strike 2 is the CASES. Inside the cases, you can uncover rare skins and unlock the case, but you’ll need CS2 keys to get your hands on them. In this post, we’ll tell you how much a CS2 key price is.

Some containers can’t be opened without a key. They are tradable on the Steam Community Market and can be bought in-game. In the past, keys could be traded; however, this feature is no longer available for newly acquired keys.

Unlike genuine keys, CS2 keys don’t accomplish anything. They are devoured and then vanish after their use. This implies that opening a weapon case will require you to purchase a new CS2 key. There is no method to access CS2 cases without the key, so don’t even bother looking.

What to do to acquire keys in CS2?

One option is to use the in-game marketplace in Counter-Strike 2, where you can click the “buy now” button to acquire CS2 keys. Another option is the Steam Community Market, where players from all over the world list their keys for sale; buyers simply add funds to their Steam wallet using a credit or debit card, make the payment, and the keys will be sent to their inventory.
One more way to acquire CS2 keys is to purchase them from third-party CS2 trading websites, Basically, once you do this, the website’s trade bot will give you a trade offer; all you have to do is accept it, and the keys will be added to your CS2 inventory.

Types of CS2 keys: CS2 Key price

  • CS2 Case Key: Unlocks the CS2 Weapons Case, CS2 Weapons Case 2, CS2 Weapons Case 3, or Operation Bravo Case.
  • eSports Key: Unlocks the eSports 2013 Case, eSports 2013 Winter Case, or eSports 2014 Summer Case.
  • Winter Offensive Key Case Key: Unlocks a Winter Offensive Weapons Case.
  • Operation Phoenix Case Key: Unlocks an Operation Phoenix Weapons Case.
  • Huntsman Case Key: Unlocks a Huntsman Weapons Case.
  • Operation Breakout Case Key: Unlocks an Operation Breakout Weapons Case.
  • Operation Vanguard Case Key: Unlocks an Operation Vanguard Weapons Case.
  • Chroma Case Key: Unlocks a Chroma Case.
  • Chroma 2 Case Key: Unlocks a Chroma 2 Case.
  • Chroma 3 Case Key: Unlocks a Chroma 3 Case.
  • Falchion Case Key: Unlocks a Falchion Case.
  • Shadow Case Key: Unlocks a Shadow Case.
  • Revolver Case Key: Unlocks a Revolver Case.
  • Operation Wildfire Case Key: Unlocks an Operation Wildfire Case.
  • Gamma Case Key: Unlocks a Gamma Case.
  • Gamma 2 Case Key: Unlocks a Gamma 2 Case.
  • Glove Case Key: Unlock a Glove Case.
  • Spectrum Case Key: Unlocks a Spectrum Case.
  • Spectrum 2 Case Key: Unlocks a Spectrum 2 Case.
  • Operation Hydra Case Key: Unlocks an Operation Hydra Case.
  • Clutch Case Key: Unlocks a Clutch Case.
  • Horizon Case Key: Unlocks a Horizon Case.
  • Danger Zone Case Key: Unlocks a Danger Zone Case.
  • Prisma Case Key: Unlocks a Prisma Case.
  • CS20 Case Key: Unlocks a CS20 Case.
  • CS:GO Capsule Key: Unlocks a valve-made CS:GO Sticker Capsule.
  • Community Capsule 1 Key: Unlocks a Community Sticker Capsule 1.
  • Kilowatt Case Key: Unlocks a Kilowatt Case