Cs2 Service Medal Update 2021

Valve came out with yet another update on CS2 last year, and chances are they might bring few changes into the game this year with the 2021 Service Medals. Any cs2 accounts can be attained by levelling up your current account to Private Rank 40, i.e. Global General. The update stated that you must reach level 40, and take the medal after January 1, ’21. If you have already done it, then you’re good! Other features in the update include fixes on Operation Broken Fang, alternation on some maps, and added a new feature called ‘Donate Weapon.’

CS2 has given players a chance to keep their bonus XP tokens safely after they have come up with a Service Medal. Players are going to get a whole new map for the game’s Retake mode, and in a way, gives a rough idea on the future of Operation Broken Fang. However, the most integral part of this update was to exhibit that many players who play CS2 don’t know what they want, until it’s in front of them. The Service Medals would be a great way for players to boast on how much time they have invested in this game the past years.

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2021 CS2 Service Medal Update:

Valve recently, flaunted a screenshot of the service medal, displayed in loud black colour. Though, it was the only one that was made available from January 1, for the players, out of six other service medals. The service medals act as a reward for players who level their accounts till 50 in the course of the whole year. Once your account reached the top, you will be given a choice to exchange your level 50 rank for a Service Medal. The whole service medal feature resembles Call of Duty’s Prestige system (with no special privileges, whatsoever), and unlike CS2, armaments are available to everyone.

This years’ Service Medal looks absolutely enchanting. As attaining a medal in the game is extremely hard- players must fight enough battles in order to hit the 50th rank, prior to going back to square 1 (if you lose.) CS2 players thrive for the loftiest place in the game; their passion to obtain a dignified position in the game never ends! This year, the service medal boasts a muted grey covered in crimson red color. Rest holds the same characteristic, though, different tones in the centre of the medals: muted grey with purple, pink, green, and blue, respectively.

What tones do CS2 2021 Service Medals have?

  • Level 1 service medal is of a Grey color.
  • Level 2 service medal is of a Green color.
  • Level 3 service medal is of a Blue color.
  • Level 4 service medal is of a Purple color.
  • Level 5 service medal is of a Dark Pink color.
  • Level 6 service medal is of a Red color. 

With the new update, players can now buy weapons for others- by others, I meant their teammates. This means players won’t have to throw guns at the starting of the round. This update will either go to waste, or will be welcomed thoroughly. This could happen, it is tentative for the feature to go to waste, since plenty of them are used to old habits of quick-switching weapons, and keep looking at the bomb exploding. Which signifies that players are going to throw AWPs in anticipation of reaching one of their teammates.

Fortunately, you can still be throwing weapons across the map. The new update enables you to preserve the key with you in order to keep the current weapon with you, whilst throwing the newly bought weapon ahead. Valve’s initiation on adding Valorant ‘request a drop’ feature exhibits how serious they are when it comes to get ahead of their competitor; the software titan not only noticed valorant’s improved formula, however, vigorously figuring a way out to remain on top of its contender. Their campaigns have always been limited events, and it’s been several years CS2 has launched anything creative- nor in terms of game modes or features.   

In the past, the majority of Valve’s employees were caught up building a survival-based game: Half-life- Alyx. Now with the game’s launching, which took place last year on March 23, 2020, the employees on Valve can fully focus on any project they desire. Valve’s senior game designer, and programmer Robin Walker stated in a podcast during a podcast where Alyx developers would work on next.

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Cs2 Medal Prime Accounts

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