CS2 ‘Unranked’ Feature for CS2 Accounts

CS2 ‘Unranked’ feature had made quite a stir on the internet when it was introduced by the creators of the game. This feature became a significant change in the CS2 account. This new alteration decides what content a newbie shall have access to that is for free. A new player will no longer have access to all the features, as well as the ranked matches that were once made available for every player; this can be a piece of sad news for the smurfers who play CS2 using cs2 smurf account.

Valve also mentioned that as much as it is important to have access to free gaming, gradually features such as skill groups, drops, free prime matchmaking, and ranks can become a hurdle when it comes to a just gameplay! For some players, these features have been working as an enticement that can create problems for both existing and new players. Hence, these changes were justifiable for the beginners who do not want to go for Prime.

Valve also added some updates for the non-prime players wherein the Non-prime players can no longer earn XPs, item drops, ranks, skill groups, or even a prime status. A non-prime player is no longer able to play ranked matches, or start their Bonus Rank XP items; they are also won’t be entitled to any Service Medals. 

The unranked feature can be accessed on Competitive, Danger, and Wingman zones.

CS2 Smurf Accounts:

Cs2 smurf accounts are more of a substitute account for the players; mostly pro players love using the smurf account. However, ‘smurfing’ being a controversial topic for most, is still popular amongst cs2 players! Players with cs2 ranked accounts love to smurf and sometimes they buy smurf cs2 accounts for enjoyment, as their sole purpose. The main reason why the ranked player enjoys messing around with the beginners could be because, either, they want to lessen the competition firsthand by removing the newbies from moving forward; or, they genuinely love creating a nuisance for the beginner so they quit playing! 

If we give more thought to the smurfing concept, we could cover more, both positive & negative perspectives of cs2 smurf accounts. First, let’s dwell on the benefits of a smurf account:

Advantages of Smurf Account

As aforementioned, a smurf account helps high-ranked players get rid of the newbies and get into the higher position easily. However, smurf accounts can be used to refine one’s skills by working on ‘em every day. When you play in a cs2 smurf account you get to work on your gameplay without worrying about losing your ranks. Since losing in a smurf account will only affect the smurf’s ranking. Hence, many chose to go over the smurf account so that they could practice more on it without putting their ranks into jeopardy. Here, you will find mostly new players who have just begun playing this game; therefore, it becomes easy for the ranked players to eliminate them quickly.    

If you have a friend that’s new to CS2, a smurf account would be perfect for you two! When one player is already an experienced player while the other one’s still learning the game, the best way to play together would be in a smurf account. That way you could be teaching them how to play the game, new techniques to tackle enemies, etc. this way you could spend quality time together as well as teach them something new every day. 

When your main account’s going through a cooldown, smurf account is your haven! You could play matches in your alternative account until the cooldown over.

Smurf accounts level up your conviction that you have lost whilst playing with other skilled players. You could be prepping up for upcoming events which require a bundle of confidence and practicing in a smurf account can give you just that!

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Disadvantages of Smurf CS2 Account:

Many people use the hack for alternative cs2 smurf accounts. The use of hacks disappoints the other players and also destroys the whole gaming experience. The usage of this account not only destroys the gaming experience of the one who uses it but all the opponents.

One of the major drawbacks of a cs2 smurf account is that once used improperly, low-ranked players tend to get discouraged after getting beaten by skilled players. Losing match after match creates the thought of being a failure, which doesn’t work well for beginners. It gets difficult to get rid of such thoughts when you are unable to move your rank.