Dreams and nightmares case skins CSGO: Counter Strike 2

A total of seventeen weapon finishes created by members of the community around the theme of “Dreams and Nightmares” are included in the Dreams and Nightmares Case. Special knives in the Gamma Finishes are the rare special item for the case. The case’s weapons were decided upon during the announcement.

The case will fall to you as a reward once you play the game. Another option is to head over to the Steam community market, where individuals sell their cases, and buy the cases. You can choose between the two possibilities.

The skins’ ethereal and psychedelic designs live up to their moniker. With a few notable exceptions, the game’s most popular weapons get a fresh appearance. These were the AK-47, M4A1-S, and USP-S.

A little over six months have passed since the last case, Dreams and Nightmares, was added to the game. The prior case, snakebite, was incorporated in May 2021.

All skins from the Dreams and Nightmares case:

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