Kilowatt Case Skins Collection: Counter Strike 2

Kilowatt Case, which features 17 community-designed weapon finishes, has been added to Counter Strike 2 with the release or update note of February 6, 2024. Additionally, the Kukri Knife, which is a rare special item, has been added to the game with its original finishes. When you play the game, the case will drop as a reward for you. Alternatively, you can purchase the Kilowatt Case from the Steam community market, which is a place where people put their cases for sale. Both of these options are available to you.

Now there are also Zeus skins available in Counter Strike 2, and in order to unlock the case, you will need to purchase the Kilowatt case keys from the Steam Market. Once you have done so, you will be able to begin opening the case.
The new Kukri knife is the rarest item that can be obtained from this case, and it is now being considered to be the most profitable case in the history of counter-srike.

All skins from Kilowatt Case

  • Ak-47: Inheritance

  • Awp: Chome Canon
Kilowatt Case

  • Usp: Jawbreaker

  • Zeus: Olympus
Kilowatt Case

  • M4a1s: Black Lotus
Black lotus M4a1s skin cs2

  • Glock: Block-18

  • M4A4: Etch Lord
M4A4 Etch Lord

Among the most prominent weapon skins of the Kilowatt case, which was recently introduced by Valve in Counter Strike 2, these are the most prominent ones.

If you enjoy opening the cases in Counter Strike, then this case is perfect for you. If you take a chance and open a few cases, you could be able to unlock rare skins that can make you a significant amount of money from the Steam market. All of the skins are brand new, and their prices will be significantly higher than the pricing of older skins.

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