Types of CS2 Accounts

We can’t simplify the answer to this question; the answer is based on your personal preference.  Whether it is a CS2 Prime Account you seekor a Non-Prime account? Basically, CS2 comprises two sorts of Accounts: Non-Prime & Prime Account. If your goal is to have serious gameplay then going for a CS2 prime Accounts would be a perfect choice! Nonprime accounts are more of a Smurf Account that is cost-effective.

Smurf accounts are mostly used by the higher-ranked players to play with low-ranked players; however, few players see them as an advantage to throw the newbies out of the game. Whilst, some use these accounts for enhancing their skills.

Cs2 medal prime accounts on the other hand can also be achieved if you have crossed level 40 and donated for a year straight. Although, it is an excruciating task to continuously donate for a year; hence, procuring one would deem fit for you. 

Different Type of CS2 Accounts