What’s in the Operation Broken Fang Update

From the time Valve was done with Shattered Web’s launch in March, everyone had their eyes glued on Valve’s next step, and contemplating between if it’s ever going to come out in 2020, or will never at all!? I mean, look at the amount of time it took for Shattered Web to come out- 2 years! It was justifiable for the fans to be scared. If you ask me personally, I almost gave up thinking Valve would release any new update for CS2, if I’d get to see anything new on cs2 shops- you know like you visit a store and suddenly you see something new (which you have been wanting to get, and it is finally there) and your pupils get wider by 1000x- my visit would have to be happenstance, of course. Because I have been constantly visiting their website back and forth like a maniac to see if there’s an update.

And, finally- finally, after countless rumors, several tweets from the biggest CS2 players informing their fans about the arrival of something huge (honestly, that was high-level teasing, I tell you), and numerous weeks of uncertainty operation fang was here! And, my oh my, it was exquisite!

Operation Broken Fang Explained:

It is pretty evident that players from all around the world don’t just play this game because of these operations; CS2 is popular for its ranking system, and let’s just stick to that! Though, let us explain what the operation Broken Fang is all about- Im sure there are people who have just joined the CS2 familia, might not be aware of the whole Broken Fang concept. Basically, the concept revolves around Cops vs. Robbers that includes new skins for the SWAT agents, and the professional group of thieves.

We won’t spoil the fun by telling you all the details, let’s just keep something for you to experience, shall we? You will discover mission within the game as you’ll play along. However, we all know that the main purpose here would be trying on the new skins, isn’t it?

The Broken Fang operation included 3 new collections and a new case- along with a new way to follow your statistics and a new game mode. You can examine your game through map performance; the map depicts how good you are at the moment. The new game mode, known as- Retake. There you will find Ts and CTs; 3 Ts would save the bomb, whilst 4 CTs means to attack.

This operation’s case highlights all spanking sets of gloves- all brand new- conditioned as exclusive items. You can buy these skins from several cs2 shops; you can make your weapons aesthetically pleasing, however you like. New collections such as Ancient, Control, and Havoc Collection have also been added.

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How Do You Shop the Broken Fang Collections Skins? Which CS2 Shops to Visit?

This operation is a bit different than its previous ones; there is a different route one has to take in order to obtain the skins. Now, these stars don’t only rank your operation badge, however, work as a currency, as well which you can splurge at an operation store. You need two stars in order to acquire a random sin from your desired collection. It is easy to get two stars since there won’t be any time-consuming objectives.

If you are looking for any cs2 shop to purchase these skins you can visit the Steam Community shop. If you wish to avoid the operation missions, it’s your choice; however, many has done it, so various Broken Fang skins can be seen listed on the Steam Store. If your desire is to go for a specific skin out of the surplus of new items, all you gotta do is just visit a cs2 shop and purchase it. Though I must say, prices of these skins are still flexible.

Can You Buy Ancient, Havoc and Control skins?

Yeah, but think it through. Sure, there are some already on the market. If you have these couple of hundreds of bucks to spend, that’s great, but maybe it’s more profitable to try and do the operation missions first? If you have no other options left, you’re better off waiting a little longer before shopping, so that more of those skins appear on the market with the operation going on. Bigger volume will surely lower the prices.

Of course, though, give it more thought! I mean, there are some of them available in cs2 shops, already; if you have $100 in your pocket to spare, then you’re good to go. However, it would be better

What’s so different about Broken Fang skin collections?

Although, when it is about community-made skins, the Fang skins are a pleasure to the eye with numerous illustrations of both creativity, and humour. Whereas, the non-cases are more about their subjects. However, common skins didn’t get much attention before- this time, they are apparently getting the attention they deserve- since, the industry based skins often destined to be a part of the tool fillers.

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New Ping System

The most amazing change brought in this operation is the new ping mechanism; it makes it easier for the non-English speakers to converse with other players. This feature can also exhibit exhaustive stats of yours; the update has brought out so much potential of CS2, they have showcased all the hidden capabilities it was holding up until this point.

Retake Mode

Retake has always been a part of the community game for a long time now! Retakes are a mode wherein 3 terrorists try to protect the planted bomb from 4 CTs (Counter-Terrorists). You gotta be fast, and must have a good hold in your movements both during defending and tackling an already set bomb.