Will Train be remade for CS2 by Valve? Reports indicate that

Although it adds a lot of new features, Counter-Strike 2 is still lacking in many areas. Mappers may get back to work repairing their masterpieces from Global Offensive now that the workshop is back, which is a positive development. New strings found by CS:GO dataminers may have leaked a much-appreciated surprise, albeit Valve has not yet revealed how its own maps will be integrated into the game.

The game’s files may reveal that Valve is remaking Train for CS2, which would be a huge surprise. The reasons behind the excitement among fans and potential changes in the Source 2 overhaul are outlined here.

Creator Gabe Follower of CS:GO content initially made the files public via Twitter. He released a set of pictures on December 13, 2023, that he says were ripped from the Counter-Strike 2 files. Throughout most of Global Offensive, the active duty pool included the historic map Train, which is referenced in the graphic by strings. The picture depicts a variety of Train models, in particular the gutters of the map’s different locomotives.

Although there is no official confirmation of Train’s reappearance, the strings do mention de_train, and no official CS2 maps use Train models at this time. If the map is being mentioned by name, it could be because Valve is simply trying to figure out how to include the original Train into Source 2. It seems reasonable, though, to port Train over to the Source 2 engine, given how well-received it is among CS:GO maps.