Guide to Professional Career in CS2

If you have come to this article it means you are finding ways to become a professional in CS2- or, at least thinking of it. Whatever is the case for you, we are here to help with how to become better at your gameplay and be as proficient as the Esports pro players. Though, you have to bear in mind that you have to get rid of this perception that cs2 prime accounts will help you reach your desired rank, so you don’t have to work that much on your skills when you can simply buy them. It doesn’t work like that you see- especially when you’re on the road to making a career out of it.

Here are Some Tips That Can Help You in the Game:

1. Learn the weapons

In order to become skilled in the game, a player needs to learn his weapons first. If you wouldn’t know how to employ a gun in the battlefield you will be dead within seconds! So, become perfect in the weapon that you’re going to use. Practice with every weapon in the Deathmatch mode.

When you’re planning to make CS2 as your professional career, you must learn the basic recoil patterns of the weapons. Perfect them by playing with bots or in a deathmatch; this way your aiming skills will get refined. Another imperative point is to- learn long range sprays- this helps a lot in getting numerous kills in battles.

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2. Practicing maps

It is essential to practice on maps. Practice on official maps that are mostly used in the tournaments. Learning maps is an essential step when it comes to becoming a professional player in CS2. There would be certain maps that’re going to interest you, wherein you could perform the best if you keep on practicing. Ensure that you put that into your advantage. Furthermore, play in surf maps, as well. This will improve your agility in the game, and put the enemies in confusion as to how did they not see you coming, or how did they miss the shot?

3. Getting the right gaming equipment

Professional gaming needs the right gears. It is pivotal to have suitable gaming equipment if you want to perform better. Your system must provide an fps of 250+ along with a 144/ 240 hertz gaming monitor. You would need a mechanical keyboard; it helps in the movements within the game because it won’t miss any keystroke. Having a good sensor mouse that won’t miss when you are in an extreme battle is equally important.  

I know, it may seem like everything we put our focus on-on this part of the article is ‘important’-however, we believe that having a good gear is a good investment, especially if you are serious about a gaming career. Therefore, another ‘important’ equipment is a premium headset! Most preferably, a gaming headset would deem perfect. Get yourself one; investing in a premium headset would enable you to hear your enemy’s movements pretty clearly.

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4. Do not ignore your physical fitness

Focusing on your gaming is crucial, however, you have to keep your health in check, as well. You got to keep yourself healthy; physical fitness plays a focal part in this profession, as well.

With long hours of playing you may hurt your arms, and wrists- in order, to avoid such things from happening, incorporate wrist and forearm exercises into your daily schedule. Facing a strain injury is common amongst gamers; it can ruin your professional career.

5. Play warm-up matches before going for a match

Never jump in a battle unprepared. Never! Always warm up by playing deathmatch or make an offline map to play with bots, beforehand.

6. Communicate with your teammates

If you are in this delusional thinking that you can beat the enemy alone- it’s time for you to come to your senses- it isn’t easy to beat down a horde of enemies, alone! Hence, it is pivotal that you keep the communication going between your teammates. CS2 is all about team; if you fail to communicate with your teammates, you may end up losing the round. Communicating can help you teammates understand your strategy, and work in accordance.

7. Build connections

Getting better is only the tip of the iceberg- to the depth lies working on connection, influencing your presence into the community- these will help you rise in the game. Once you have found stability in several competitive lobbies, it is time for you to work on networking. Clout your position as a worthy opponent in order to bond with other excellent players.

You have to develop relationships with them. This will lead you to better opportunities; such as, invitation to private discord channels, where you can play with elite level players. Settings like these are where numerous players get noticed by elite associations.

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8. Stick to a role you’re better at

In CS2, there are 5 common roles through which every player is defined. These 5 roles are:

  • Entry Fragger: beginner-level players fighting against their opposition.
  • Supporter: players who support their team with smoke, and flash bangs.
  • Leader: the player who makes strategies for each round.
  • AWP’er: player quite professional in shooting with a rifle from a long-range.
  • Lurker: the player who often gets distracted, and ends up being late for the fight.

Which one are you is for you to decide. Observe your role, and choose one, stick to it, and keep practicing on it.

9. Know the Community

We agree that professional gaming based on pure individual talent, though, familiarizing yourself with the culture surrounding plays an equally essential role in CS2. You should first understand the history of the game- as in, look into their forums where players gather around. This will let you see whether your personal goals align with this professional gaming career.

Joining a community is an amazing way to stay motivated, as you get to talk to several other players, such as you, who are trying to make a name for themselves, as well. This will push you to stick to your goals and be invested in the game more often.

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Cs2 medal prime accounts can help you in giving head-start in the game. When you struggle to keep up with the in-game strategies, sometimes it becomes essential to buy yourself cs2 prime accounts. Not because you couldn’t reach the desired level, but to save yourself some time.

Though, some even buy them merely to boast in front of their friends; if you are one like them, just an advice- please don’t! Purchasing cs2 prime accounts wouldn’t mean that you are incapable of achieving higher rank, it sometimes helps you get ahead in a less amount of time. Although, you need to have skilled gameplay as well if you are willing to buy any high tier ranked account.