How Can You Create Your Own CS2 Skins?

Do you know that you can make your own cs2 skins? Yes, Valve has this brilliant offer for their players to have their own personalized weapon skins. We have a quick tutorial that entails the basic steps contained in concocting a customized skin. When you create a skin you can submit them to the Steam Workshop; if the skin created by you gained enough votes, chances are it might get added in CS2. Although, the skins have to be included in the game officially, otherwise you cannot make use of it when you buy CS2 smruf accounts unless you’re playing offline battles.

Let us show you how you can make a cs2 skin on your own:

First, gather all the right tools: CS2 works with VTF (Valve Texture Format) files, in order to make a skin for their weapons. To make a skin you will need either one of them:

  1. Photoshop cs5 extended.
  2. Custom paint job txt file.
  3. VTF edit.
  4. Workbench materials.

Arrange everything: you will be required to make a certain number of files, hence get ready to be organised. When you finish making folders, add names for each folder you create further. Keep all the files you got so far till now and put them into your newly created folder.

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Start designing: this the step where you could show your artistic skills. Now, open Photoshop and open an obj file from the OBJ Folder.

  • Click on the File and then click Open
  • You’ll see an OBJ folder- open any file of your liking. You’ll see 3D photos of your subject.
  • Click to window> 3D, this will add textures to your chosen object. The tab will have a piece called “__PS_3D_Default”.  Click on it. Afterwards, click on the icon that’s next to “diffuse” that’s residing in the displayed option. Then choose “remove texture.”
  • You will see “load texture” which is positioned next to the ‘diffuse’ icon-click on it- go to the UVsheets folder and choose the type of texture you’d want to add for your weapon.
  • After you have done it, click on the diffuse icon and choose “open texture”. Here, you can design your personal texture. Any editing done will get saved automatically, and you can see them as a 3D model on the other tab.
  • Convert process:
  • When you are done, keep you texture saved as a TGA file with extension- .tga
  • After you have saved the tga file bring in to vtfedit. Click on File-Import.
  • Export the created image as a vtf file.
  • Open the txt file>change “bullet_rain_m4” with the file of your vtf file.
  • The final steps are completed in the CS2 Workbench. Transfer the file, look how it would appear in its final stage, in the game. If you’re satisfied with your design then submit after you have saved it to the workbench.
  • The last step would be to load the files and you are done.

Sadly, Valve’s strict policies on revenue of skins, we cannot give you an exact assessment on how much skin designers make. However, we do have some information on how the skin economy runs.

When Valve accepts your skin creation for CS2, it gets included to a skin crate along with other skins made by other communities. Players get a random crate (from one of these) at the end of the battle, and the player gets a random skin out of those chosen crates. These crates open with a key that’s priced at $2.50. if your created skin is in that crate, you’ll get your share from that key selling. You will get a share from p2p trades of your skin, as well.

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Even though Valve is pretty strict on disclosing the profit share of creators and also restricted the creators from disclosing anything concerning their skin selling, we know that it can give you a decent lifestyle, if your created skin gets acknowledged every year.

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