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Buy CSGO Accounts at Best Price

CSGO has an unstoppable fan base, and it has been gaining popularity constantly ever since its genesis. The game also features an Anti-Cheat System called VAC, which is advanced and designed to detect hackers in the game. The VAC feature is a merciless tool and doesn’t spare any cheaters; if you get caught using any third-party software, you will be banned from the game for a lifetime. CSGO community has a following of millions worldwide, who are still active to date!

If a player gets caught cheating in a VAC server, VAC will consider him a cheater and ban him from the game in perpetuity! VAC bans are not open for any modifications; they are non-negotiable and can’t get rid of! CSGO has a reach in more than 100 countries, and the community members are highly active. Due to the Prime-Matchmaking lobbies & over-watch, CSGO’s been growing progressively every day. Skins & maps are the two crucial features of CSGO, for which players purchase CSGO accounts.

The best part started when Steam decided to offer the game free of cost; this step invited more players. CSGO revolves around a simple yet captivating storyline; two teams, pitting against each other, both focusing on winning multiple rounds, enough to give one of the team a win in the end. The team consists of Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Counter-Terrorists have to save the captives by stopping the bombings from taking their course. The bombs are put by the Terrorists, which the CT team has to look after.

On the other hand, CSGO comprise of various game modes, and they are:

  1. Casual
  2. Arms Race
  3. Death-Match
  4. Competitive
  5. Flying Scotsman
  6. Armaments Course
  7. Danger Zone

About CSGO

CSGO places its player based on their performances. If you have just started playing, you will be in an unranked position since you haven’t passed any challenges. Your first rank would be Silver. Newbies may take some time to figure out a way to obtain their first rank. Therefore the safest option for them is to purchase a prime account. Buycsgorank will serve you with the best cs go prices for their Prime & Non-Prime Accounts. CSGO accounts will let you play with other prime players; accounts such as the Prime Account come along with various privileges, as well.

There are two types of CSGO Accounts:

  • CSGO Prime Accounts.
  • CSGO Smurf Accounts.

What is a CSGO Prime Accounts:

We have been talking about CSGO Prime Accounts for quite some time now, and we presume that you must have gotten a gist of it. A prime account is the most purchased account by players in CSGO. However, a player has to attain the PR 21 to get the Prime status for his account. Once you reach PR, you will be known as a Prime Player. With Prime accounts, you will face fewer hackers & cheaters. It ensures to provide you nuisance-free gaming.

Benefits of Being a Prime Account’s Owner?

  • Owning a prime account means reaching your desired level quickly!
  • You will be matched with other Prime Users in Matchmaking and get to play with them.
  • You’ll have a personal inventory for yourself.
  • And, of course, gaining access to all community servers.

What are CSGO Smurf Accounts?

Smurf accounts are those accounts that help professional players work on their skills. It is more of a way to make things light when it gets too intense for a player to continue. However, it becomes unfair for low-ranked players, as they get to face professionals when they are merely learning the game. High-ranked players mainly smurf to refine their competencies and practice their newly devised strategy against their next opponents. You can buy one for yourself, as well, if you are looking for a way to enhance your skills by playing matches and not worrying about losing your ranks.

Although, sometimes, due to a high number of smurfer’s presence in CSGO, many misidentified them as ‘hackers’ since the high-ranked players never let a newbie win the game. Even though it may seem illegitimate for some, Smurfing is acceptable and legal in CSGO’s world.

The foundation of Smurfing is entirely distinct in its entirety. Smurf accounts work brilliantly when it is about boosting your confidence! With hours of practice, you gain another level of conviction to defeat your opponents. The advantages of owning a smurf account are as follows:

  1. It’s cheaper than the Prime Account
  2. Get matched with a low-ranked player
  3. Test your abilities and see how you perform.

Going after CSGO ranked accounts and Csgo smurf accounts are a legitimate practice done by the CSGO players. It is to make things easier for them. With a csgo smurf account, players pit against low-ranked players; sometimes, for fun, and sometimes, it is a form of warm-up for them; this has been going on for years now. Csgo ranked accounts help some achieve a high rank in the game, while some players use it as a ladder to assist their friends in reaching the top.

Nobody. And I mean N-O-B-O-D-Y, fancy’s a cooldown in their account! And, if the cooldown is for seven days straight, you can imagine the exasperation a player encounters. Hence, they decide to buy Csgo smurf accounts. And, it is not just with smurf accounts; the number for purchasing CSGO ranked accounts are higher, as well! However, for some, the problem doesn’t lay in the challenges within the game, some lack skills! You can attain the matchmaking experience by purchasing a csgo account, but you better buy a smurf account if your skill needs finesse.

CSGO Prime accounts are considered premium accounts. The Prime status is attainable once you reach Level 21, though you can buy them from any csgo shop. Its’ on you, if you will achieve the prime position on your own or buy a prime account from our CSGO shop. When you attain prime status, you will have the privilege to play against all the prime account holders.

A prime account holds numerous items that can be acquired once you buy a prime account, for instance, exclusive game modes, souvenirs, armaments, drops, etc.

Another reason why prime accounts regarded a safe option is that it doesn’t involve hackers/cheaters/bots. There’s no comparison between a paid version of the cs go account and a free version of csgo accounts; the only difference is that the paid version confers better quality gaming.

What are CSGO Accounts?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been the most celebrated game amongst gamers. It is the 4th installment of Counter Strike, initiated by Valve.  It was launched in 2012 and won over a million players’ hearts.  CSGO Accounts’ is par perfection when it comes to Esports and PlayerBase scenarios. Many wonders as to why CSGO has always been everybody’s favorite? The answer lies in their intriguing mechanism; CSGO has a rare structure which is very hard to comprehend as well as to subdue.

Only learning to operate a rifle will take you more than 500 hours; now, imagine working with other weapons. CSGO has managed to stay on top for more than 8 years now. How? Well, the competition involved in the game is too much.  There’s even a competitive mode where many players thrive to prove themselves as the best CSGO Player.

CSGO is known for its ranking arrangements. Rankings are the sole thing that encourages player to buy csgo accounts. It authenticates your skills; players work hard to earn their position within the game. 

What is a CSGO Non-Prime Account?

Non-prime accounts don’t require spending money after it in CSGO since they are free! Although with a non-prime account, you will be paired with non-prime players only. So, if you wished to play with a friend who doesn’t have a Prime account, you can play together. A CSGO non-prime account enables you to play effortlessly; they save you from a cooldown in your account.

As in our website, we try to deliver cheap csgo accounts that are high in quality and far from any nuisance. We promise to provide authenticity, with which comes superior products. We have delivered more than 50,000 csgo accounts at such low prices and garnered over 50k customers worldwide.

Best Place to Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts

Smurfing is common in CSGO, and it is something that can be found excessively amongst the players. The reason being: it enables players’ hone their skills by letting them play with a low-ranked player. You won’t have to be anxious about losing your rank when you lose a match when you buy a smurf account. This is a great way to win as many battles as they can. When you are faced with a beginner while smurfing, it instantly becomes an excellent opportunity for you to enhance your competencies. You can concoct new strategies to beat higher opponents.

Buycgsorank offers cheap csgo accounts that professionals boost. We are genuine and reliable! Buycsgorank is one of the best csgo shops in the market, working day and night to serve our customers, satisfying their requirements. Moreover, our work reviews on Trustpilot left by our customers leave no space for doubt. When you’d buy csgo accounts from us, you will get these accounts at half the price of what you’d get on other sites.

How to Get Prime CSGO Accounts?

  • Visit Buycsgorank.com
  • Select the account you desire and put them into the cart by simply clicking on ‘add to cart.’
  • Once you have added the account into the cart, a message in the green bar would appear on top of the page, wherein you’d be given two options: view cart and checkout. Choose whatever your concern is.
  • You can either click on view cart in order to be sure of the things you have added or can directly checkout.
  • When you click on the checkout option, it will take you straight to the billing page. Fill in the required information.
  • The last step would be choosing the payment method. You can either choose bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as payment. Besides these choices, you can pay through Debit/Credit/Master cards, as well.
  • The last step is to accept our terms and conditions>proceed with the order.
  • All done! You will get all the details in your registered mail id within a minute.

Why Buycsgorank is the Best Place to Buy Smurf Accounts & Ranked Accounts?

We all know how passionate CSGO players are for this game. Everyone is still devoted to this game; no one has ever said anything negative about CSGO. The crucial aspect of this game is that it can keep one engaged for several hours; you can be sitting at one place at one specific position for 10 hours, and you’d still know nothing! That’s how much of an impact this game has on an individual. Although to do so, you may need to buy csgo accounts to enjoy more within the game.

CSGO also has a notorious reputation due to the presence of hackers/cheaters. Earlier, they have completely ruined the game, and as a result, Valve said to have eliminated this problem by 100%. However, to believe in this theory is to see whether what they have claimed is the truth or a complete hoax. And, it turned out to be neither a hoax nor an absolute reality. It is true that they have managed to get rid of the hackers/cheats, but only by 2/3rd. You will still experience one or two of them in a non-prime account.

A ranked account will take you to your desired rank in an instant. The only thing requires to choose one account you like. But, why us? What so special about us? Well, we don’t put our accounts at risk by boosting them from any third parties. Our website interface is easy to comprehend. Everything is in a detailed manner. Furthermore, all of our accounts are fully secured and boosted by professionals.

We keep our customer’s privacy intact; therefore, you can be sure that our utmost priority is our customer’s privacy. And, we won’t do something that would cause an adverse effect on our customer. Our payment portal is highly protected; your information would stay in the safe zone. Our 24×7 customer service lets you have any queries at any time of the day. Until your problems are resolved, we will stick by your side till any resolution comes to light.

Buycsgorank CSGO Shop:

When it comes to the best online smurf stores, Buycsgorank has always been honest with its clients. Most of the time, we put almost all of our csgo accounts for sale. Cs go prices in India constantly fluctuate. You ne’er know who’s selling it for a legit price and who’s after conning you. Thus, do proper research when you are determined to buy a CSGO account for the first time!

CSGO prime accounts can help you with a better matchmaking experience; to reach the Prime Level, you have to attain level 21. You can get the level on your own, or reach at it in a minute. Achieving this level on your own will require a lot of patience and effort, both physically & mentally, as well. So, it is suggested by many, even by professionals, to purchase a prime account.

In a prime account, the chances of meeting a hacker are 0%; however, if you go a long way, you may face plenty of cheaters that can ruin your game! We have over 150+ range of prime accounts on our website. The privilege of buying a prime account is as follows:

  • You get your desired ranking quickly.
  • You get to fight against other prime holders.
  • You get to fight in the prime matchmaking.
  • You get a private inventory.
  • You get access to all community-operated servers.

Guide to Buying CSGO Prime & Smurf Accounts:

Even though our prime account prices are lower than most online smurf stores, when we set our csgo accounts for sale on our website, you will gain the best offers you have never seen before! To purchase an account, please follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Select your account/s and put them into the cart.
  2. You will be asked to either view your cart or direct checkout. Choose anyone, as per your requisite.
  3. When checking out, you’d be taken to our billing page, where you have to fill in the information.
  4. Proceed to payment. Choose your payment method; there are two methods- cryptocurrencies or bitcoin, and other methods are through Credit/Masters/Debit cards.
  5. After making the payment successfully, you’ll get all the details in your email id. It may take a minute or so. So, don’t panic if it doesn’t get delivered in seconds.

How Does the Ranking System Work in CSGO?

CSGO is comprised of 18 ranks total. The lowest is Silver rank, and the highest is the Global Elite. By now, it must have been evident to you that attaining a rank must require a PR 21, which necessitates skill and effort. Both aren’t possible if you’re a beginner! Your first rank would be Silvers>Gold Nova>Master Guardian> Legendary Eagle>Global Elite. Silvers are for beginners; it denotes that the player with silver ranking is still a newbie; when you reach Gold Nova, you are above a beginner. Getting beyond Nova means you have skills, and reaching the Elites will signify you’re a pro!

However, for the newbies, starting afresh in CSGO can be a daunting experience for some! Beginners have to confront a cooldown after winning two matches. In order to get rid of a cooldown, you must win ten games consecutively, which won’t be easy as you will be facing numerous amount of smurfers and hackers.

Why Choose Buycsgorank to Buy CSGO Accounts?

At Buycsgorank, you can put your faith in us and purchase a Smurf Account. We deliver authentic products and will not let you down! We focus on quality than quantity; we ensure that the products you bought from us are in superiority. And, if ever you face trouble with our accounts, our 24×7 open Chat Support will be at your service any time.

We own more than 200+ verified reviews on different online platforms; all of them are genuine websites. We have served over 50k plus customers worldwide. If it’s your first time visiting our website, you’d see we have over 150 kinds of CSGO Accounts. You can choose any of them, any of them you desire! Safety isn’t a concern here, we make sure your privacy is intact, and no third party can have your information.

We assure you that you will ne’er find a place like ours where you’d get a quality product at a price like ours! Buycsgorank proffers cost-effective accounts whose quality isn’t compromised. We invite you wholeheartedly to be a part of our family. Our utmost priority is to satiate our customer’s desires. We have worked day and night to be at where we are today, which has helped us craft such beautiful relationships with our customers.

We have attempted to list everything concerning the profits one receives when buying a Prime Account from us. Only professionals boost our accounts; thus, you’d be getting a 100% genuine account. You will receive what you see!