Counter-Strike: 2 Premier (CS2 Premier) matchmaking is a new mode that Valve added to the recently released multiplayer shooter.

CS2 Premier mode is different from normal matchmaking. To get a CS rating in this mode, a player has to win 10 games. Once they have a rating, they are matched with people of the same level.

In the CS2 Premier mode, there is one more thing: the leaderboard. You can get as high as you can in the CS rating and move up in the global leaderboard.

Your CS2 account can be used to start the game. Then, go to Premier Mode and click “Find Game.”
When you get a match against a player with the same rank as you, you have to go through a “veto” process to get rid of maps you don’t want to play. After that, the game picks a map that everyone has to play on and fight each other.

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