How Does CSGO Skins Gambling Work?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the name has a gravitational force to it! No matter how much you think you can stop playing this game, the more you get attracted to it! And in all these years, CSGO’s popularity has only doubled than sinking over these years. Hence, questioning CSGO’s and the CSGO smurf account popularity would […]

CSGO Concurrent Players Statistic in 2021

A game, in order to be great, must have certain aspects, such as a thorough system, better graphics, and likelihoods of internal changes. However, for CSGO it is the fan following that helps the game reach a wider audience, globally. CSGO is a popular multiplayer game and players across the world buy csgo accounts to […]

Operation Riptide Challenge Coin


Valve’s new Operation Riptide update for CSGO is now live for PC players! CSGO patch update in September 2021 comes with the latest challenges. Added by Operation Riptide along with fresh maps, gaming modes with newer private queues, teams, and death matches that would be free to play for all the players. In addition to […]

Smurf Accounts Explained

With the pandemic still around the corner, the best way people have found to kill their boredom is by playing games. CSGO has helped so much in pulling out the frustration of many ever since the pandemic hit in 2020; you can say it somewhat helped CSGO rose to fame and gain more followers. The […]

Csgo Service Medal Update 2021

Valve came out with yet another update on CSGO last year, and chances are they might bring few changes into the game this year with the 2021 Service Medals. Any csgo accounts can be attained by levelling up your current account to Private Rank 40, i.e. Global General. The update stated that you must reach […]

What’s in the Operation Broken Fang Update

From the time Valve was done with Shattered Web’s launch in March, everyone had their eyes glued on Valve’s next step, and contemplating between if it’s ever going to come out in 2020, or will never at all!? I mean, look at the amount of time it took for Shattered Web to come out- 2 […]

CSGO Prime Account Benefits & Where to Buy Them

Benefits of CSGO Accounts Csgo prime accounts enable players to choose their desired accounts that would be apt for you. Also, they are known for proffering greater matchmaking experience. Hence, players choose cheap csgo prime accounts for a better matchmaking encounter; it allows player to fight against other prime players, who are more serious about […]

Guide to Professional Career in CSGO

If you have come to this article it means you are finding ways to become a professional in CSGO- or, at least thinking of it. Whatever is the case for you, we are here to help with how to become better at your gameplay and be as proficient as the Esports pro players. Though, you […]

How Can You Create Your Own CSGO Skins?

Do you know that you can make your own csgo skins? Yes, Valve has this brilliant offer for their players to have their own personalized weapon skins. We have a quick tutorial that entails the basic steps contained in concocting a customized skin. When you create a skin you can submit them to the Steam […]