What’s in the Operation Broken Fang Update

From the time Valve was done with Shattered Web’s launch in March, everyone had their eyes glued on Valve’s next step, and contemplating between if it’s ever going to come out in 2020, or will never at all!? I mean, look at the amount of time it took for Shattered Web to come out- 2 […]

CSGO Prime Account Benefits & Where to Buy Them

Benefits of CSGO Accounts Csgo prime accounts enable players to choose their desired accounts that would be apt for you. Also, they are known for proffering greater matchmaking experience. Hence, players choose cheap csgo prime accounts for a better matchmaking encounter; it allows player to fight against other prime players, who are more serious about […]

Guide to Professional Career in CSGO

If you have come to this article it means you are finding ways to become a professional in CSGO- or, at least thinking of it. Whatever is the case for you, we are here to help with how to become better at your gameplay and be as proficient as the Esports pro players. Though, you […]

How Can You Create Your Own CSGO Skins?

Do you know that you can make your own csgo skins? Yes, Valve has this brilliant offer for their players to have their own personalized weapon skins. We have a quick tutorial that entails the basic steps contained in concocting a customized skin. When you create a skin you can submit them to the Steam […]

What Are the New Updates Brought By Valve in CSGO

By adding new features such as new modes & maps, and operation in CSGO last year, Valve came up with a new update along with it, as well. 2020 gave us a crucial prospect update concerning the obscure flaws of the new skins, retake modes, and whatnot. Even after so many controversies, it still dominated […]

Learn What Are CSGO Map Callouts

A csgo map callout refers to yours or your enemy’s position on the map, in brief. It is an integral part of your mission in order to win the round; it is essential for your teammates, as well, as it helps to discover your location, as well as the enemy’s. You should quickly learn all […]

Best Gut Knives to Buy in CSGO Shop

Knives in csgo are one of the most exemplary features. The weapons have distinct designs and colors. They often exhibit a player’s style, skills, even his way of communication. We have combined some of the best knives that can be found in the steam market, as well as in any csgo shop. If you are […]

How to Achieve the Master Guardian CSGO Rank?

Valve played a significant role in expanding the horizons of the gaming industry all over the world. The corporation has built the most crucial, and organised gaming system and allowed its existence to come in contact with the people of the world. Counter Strike Global Offensive has been one of the most influential games to […]

A Guide to CSGO Mouse Sensitivity

Everybody wants to reach the Elites in CSGO, and if you too are one of them let us teach you some things that may change your gaming experience for good! I mean, it is evident that in order to be best you gotta practice, but there are certain aspects that you need to put your […]

How Do You Achieve a CSGO Rank?

You can be either skating above the dmg csgo levelled players, or learning to exercise with the silver players; CSGO is an amazing game that let you measure your skill in matchmaking. There are a total of 18 ranks in CSGO, and the span from beginners to professionals. However, the significance of ranks are subjective; […]