2021 Service Medal CSGO

How to get 2021 service medal (CSGO)?

In the event that you attain level 40 in a particular year, Counter Strike will bestow upon you a service medal for that year. For instance, if you reach rank 40 in the year 2021, you will be rewarded with a service medal for the year 2021.
In addition, if you obtain the 2021 Service Medal CSGO and continue to play during that year and achieve another rank of 40, then the color of your Service Medal will be upgraded to a more desirable one.
Although there are five color upgrades available for each medal in Counter Strike, you will need to grind your way through the game in order to reach rank 40 in Counter Strike.
Alternately, you can go to our website, BUYCSGORANK.COM, select the medal prime accounts from the area, and then purchase them. After that, you can display the medal on your in-game profile.

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