The Best and Expensive CS2 Skins

Choosing a CS2 skin is a very difficult thing to do. There are plenty cs2 skins available in the market; new skin updates are always around the corner. One has to go through millions of skin choices that go with their gaming avatar’s persona. In cs2 smurf accounts, smurfers often play using cs2 skins; players are always excited to go for a new cs2 skin for their weapons.

It isn’t petty and useless in the game, many players spend thousands of dollars behind a single skin only to stand out in the team. It is a serious business now! However, when you are searching for a cs2 skin for your avatar, you must look into few specific things, such as the price range, aesthetics, and quality.

Though, finding the best place to procure cs2 skins can be tricky since you have to be extra cautious while purchasing any cs2 skins if it’s your first time. Many online stores cannot be trusted these days. We urge you to do your research properly, especially if it’s your first time.

Skins in CS2 are peddled by numerous people daily. Some trade them for money, while some have a hobby of collecting them. The market for CS2 skin is huge due to which it gets difficult to discover the legitimacy and their true market price. To avoid getting conned, few websites trade legit cs2 skins and these 5 websites (mentioned below) are on top. 

Top 5 Websites to Buy CS2 Skins:

  1. Reddit community
  2. Steam Market
  3. CS2 skin
  4. DM market

*They are not placed rank wise, they all provide the best services*

In this article, we are thoroughly going to discuss the best weapon skin, the costliest cs2 skins, and which is the best CS2 shop? Although several skins are worthy for your attention, but these are our personal favorites that we thought are worth mentioning!

Best CS2 Skins in the Market

1. Ak 47 fire serpent

The AK47 Fire Serpent was released in 2013. This is known as the most deadly and dominant assault rifle worldwide, with High powered bursts. The Gun is covered with a jade snake which has shrouded half of the Ak 47. It is mostly used in Ruins which is a part of the Defusal map.

2. M4a1 chanticos fire

When your personality is chirpy and bright this cs2 skin is perfect for you! With better recoil and quieter gunshots, this gun is great for someone skilled at sniping. The yellow and red combination makes the appearance of the gun aesthetically pleasing

3. Mp9

MP9 is an effective submachine gun with bulldozer skin. With its cutting-edge design, the gun is a powerful weapon for destruction.

4. Pp Bizon

This option may seem like a ., however, the performance of the PP bizon is beyond perfection! The bright blue-colored exterior with a pinch of red and golden gives off a royal look to this weapon. This one also is a submachine gun that has a powerful magazine, that reloads faster than most machine guns; also, the trigger works like a feather.

5. Desert eagle crimson web

One of the most perplexing weapons to master, yet one of the finest ones for headshots! Camouflaged into a scarlet red base coat this pistol is the most dynamic in CS2.

6. Ak 47 the empress

The most renowned weapon, known worldwide! The empress is truly an empress in terms of design and operation. It is a powerful and trustworthy item with a ting of red and golden, it deserves countless praise for its work. Its controlled and lethal burst of fire make the Ak 47 the mightiest weapon!

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Most Expensive Skins in CS2

1. AK47 – case hardened blue gem aka scar

This skin costs about $100 which is only for a basic design. For a basic design to cost $100 is stupid, right?! But, the one with a sapphire scar gonna cost $1000-$10, 000.

2. Awp dragon lore

Only the usual D lore would cost you 1500$, the signed version of Tyler “skadoodle” Latham is of whopping $61000. This is amongst the most expensive skin in CS2.

3. Sport glove pandora’s box

Going for this option may not seem a bad idea, however, your bank account would have shown some objection if it could talk. The exact prices aren’t officially been made anywhere for these because there aren’t any factory versions made newly, though minimal wear is priced at $4000.

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What we have concluded so far is that if cs2 skins are what matters to your character’s personality, then you should go for it. However, spend your money wisely when you are purchasing one for the first time! The best thing when it comes to cs2 skin is, you can change them to your likings without dealing with any major consequences.

It is better to go with a cheaper skin than going for a $1000 skin which you will get tired of, eventually in a matter of days!

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