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CSGO prime ranked accounts are premium accounts of CS GO. The choice lies on you whether you want to achieve it or buy it. You can achieve a prime ranking after completing all the 21 levels, or you can buy CSGO prime accounts from our website. After achieving the prime status, you’d be matched against all the prime players in the CSGO game. Prime CSGO smurf accounts have its own benefits; you get to collect exclusive souvenirs, special drops, game modes, weapons, etc. Also you can check our CSGO accounts with medals.

Reaching your desired rank has become so much easier now with Buycsgorank! With cheap CSGO accounts, you can attain any level in CSGO you want. We present each account at reasonable prices. There is no third-party BS, no illicit practices, etc., done by us at all! However, attaining a Prime rank requires a player to reach level 21; that’s how you get a ‘Prime Status’ in the game. The best and easy way to reach the 21 Level is to buy csgo prime accounts from Buycsgoranks.

You can reach the level on your own by earning countless XPs. Every player has an option to upgrade their ranks and make it a Prime Account, and after doing so, you’d be matched against other prime players. Moreover, owning a prime account gives you the pleasure of utilizing exclusive weapons, items, drops, etc., which can only be attained through a prime csgo account. Isn’t this what a player seeks when they choose CSGO to play?!

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Buy CSGO Prime Accounts From Buycsgorank

Prime csgo smurf accounts are an excellent way in order to smurf your way to the CSGO Ranked Matchmaking. It is the cheapest and easiest way to gain a desired rank by the players. Buycsgorank allows you to buy CSGO Prime Accounts at the most reasonable rate possible. Furthermore, our CSGO prime Accounts are all authentic in nature; no third-party-boosting-business, or whatever you want to call them. We don’t do that here!

Right after you successfully reach level 21, you’ll be Prime Status Owner. You can reach directly to level 21 either by purchasing the prime status upgrade thru the Steam website or earning XPs by clearing every 21 levels in the game. Every CSGO Player has an option to upgrade their ranking to Prime. And, after gaining Prime Status you can be matched against other Prime players by the matchmaking process. Moreover, CSGO Prime Users can have their hands on numerous features: souvenir items, weapon covers, item drops, etc..

You can buy csgo ranked accounts as per your requirment; we have various kinds of csgo prime accounts to satisfy your needs. We proffer cheap csgo prime accounts for players who hope to maneuver their way to several ranks, and in for to try fun mode. Furthermore, we have a variety of choices for players who’d like to play with a smurf account by keeping their skills in mind, and looking for a way to enhance their gameplay.

On the other hand, our smurf accounts are all authentic and 100% boosted by reputed boosters as we have aforementioned. We believe in legitimacy and do not encourage cheating or hacks, only to boost our prime accounts. We respect what our customer has to offer/request. And, we maintain the trust they put in us; we are here to serve YOU, and provide you with quality accounts.

What is CSGO Prime?

A Prime account is a premium status given to players who have obtained the PR 21. Those who have achieved this rank get additional advantages, as well. The benefits include souvenir items, drops, weapons, and many more. With prime accounts, you can play against other prime holders, avoid hackers, cheaters, and enjoy the game thoroughly.

CSGO does have an issue with hacker’s presence; even though they have alleged to have gotten rid of all the cheaters, bots/hackers from the game, you may still find one or two hackers in the game.The main reason players go after a prime account is that prime accounts have zero presence of hackers. However, a prime account can only help you elevate the ranking, and the rest is on you; how you perceive the game and how skilled you are?

CSGO Prime Accounts:

You can buy csgo prime accounts cheaper from our website. As we have aforementioned, you have to attain the PR 21 to get the Prime status within the game. With a CSGO account, you can acquire exclusive benefits, including special drops, weapon covers, etc.; those who have bought the game before going free can also enjoy these features of a Prime account. You can fully enjoy the game, and the matchmaking experience becomes smoother with no bots/hackers.

Countless players buy CSGO accounts merely to enjoy these benefits, mainly to encounter a better Prime-Matchmaking. Since Valve was the center of controversies due to the hacker & cheats issues, the gameplay quality started to sink. After some tweaks by the developers, the quality of the game resumed to its previous state.

How to get Prime CSGO Accounts?

The question shouldn’t be how to get prime csgo accounts, rather where do you find the best CSGO Accounts? The answer is-! You can buy a prime account from us! However, if you have chosen to play until you reach PR 21, then we respect your choice! To become a Prime Player, one must reach Level 21; it is challenging to achieve a Prime status- sometimes, it takes months to save XPs. Through XP, you can boost your account, which later gives you Prime position. However, it is a lengthy process, and many give up in the midst. Therefore, it is suggested to purchase a Prime Account.

At Buycsgorank, all of our accounts are boosted by professionals and with high-trust factors. Prices are cost-effective, hassle-free payment methods, secure, and easy interface. We ensure that our customer’s information doesn’t get into the hands of third parties. You can be 100% sure that we only sell authentic products and the delivery will be in a flash!

Can You Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

Why can’t you?! Although you’d be faced with two choices:

  • Achieve the Prime Status on your own; or
  • Purchase a Prime Account.

You can buy one from Steam’s Website, as well, for $15. However, on our website, you will get them at a much lower price! And, after making the payment, the details will be sent in your registered mail id. Initially, you won’t be put into any position until you have attained the 21 Level. Once you reach there, things will be a little easier for you! You can also enjoy certain benefits that come with a prime account.

Deciding what should be done next can be difficult for you; thus, be careful! We understand if this is your first time purchasing from our website. Proper research is required when looking for a legitimate Smurf store that sells legit Prime Accounts; and, we are all in support of this step. After research, if you believe our site to be legitimate, we are all ears! Specify us your requisites, and we’ll be on it.

Sometimes, choosing an easy path isn’t being lazy or stupid; it’s called being smart. CSGO needs a heavy amount of physical and mental effort; if you’re saving efforts for what’s to come ahead, we don’t think there’s anything wrong with it!

Is Prime Status’ Permanent?

Of course, it does! You cannot revoke the title once it’s taken. Until you do something vile that triggers Vac’s system, you’re good! Buycsgorank offers 24×7 chat support as well as a lifetime warranty on each account. Furthermore, on our website, there are numerous csgo prime accounts for sale.

Benefits of a CSGO Prime Account:

  1. Stunning skins and weapons

If it is skin that you seek, then a prime account may excite you! For people who fancy skins on their weapon, and want to be ahead, aesthetically- prime accounts would be an excellent option for you! Prime Accounts serve you with various skin & costume options that can only be achieved through special drops.

  1. Enhanced matchmakings

Only a true player would know what benefit a Prime Account nests; it’s not only a professional who seeks enhanced matchmaking; everyone wants to experience better matchmaking in the game. Prime Accounts proffer advance matchmakings; you can pit against other prime users; deploy new strategies fearlessly. There’s no fear of losing your rank.

  1. Same skillsets opponent

You’d be facing same-skilled players-those who got the same skills as you- these kinds of players work best for both parties. This leads to a captivating match, which means there will be difficulties in winning the game.

  1. Avoid amateurs

The best part about a CSGO Account is that you don’t have to face an amateur or bots/hackers/cheaters. Hackers and cheaters had almost ruined the game before the inception of Prime Accounts. A beginner especially has to go through all these unnecessary nuisances in their initial stages. Thus, most tend to prefer a Prime account to avoid such instances from encountering. It is going to give you smooth gameplay. Enjoy the game fully without any interference.

How much is CSGO Prime Account?

The cost of a prime account on our website is very reasonable. You can unlock numerous special attributes a Prime account holds for yourself when you’d purchase one. These accounts secure you from all the cheats and hack a player uses to create hindrance for others. For the newbies, it becomes difficult to tame the hackers down since they are new and don’t know the mechanics of the game; hackers use it to their advantage.

A prime account depicts the High-Trust factor and increases your value as a player. Here, you don’t have to worry about how much is csgo prime; we have put the prices keeping our customer’s requisites in mind. After paying the amount, you will get your account within a minute or so. Professionals boost our account; we also have a wide range of CSGO Accounts available on our site from which you can pick your desired one! Our no.1 priority is our customer’s satisfaction; we ensure that you get exactly what we claim to provide!

What is CSGO Ranked Prime Account?

A CSGO Ranked account helps you win your desired rank in no time! It is best for those who don’t like wasting their time and effort behind chasing a rank. And, it is best to procure one since it could take months to reach a place you’re yearning for! Also, don’t forget about the special treatment you’ll get with a Prime Ranked Account.

CSGO Ranked accounts save a generous amount of your time & effort and help to give you a head-start in the game. As we have clearly expressed, there won’t be any interference by the hackers; you can enjoy playing. We offer seamless gaming that rescues you from suffering. You can buy cheap csgo prime accounts from Buycsgorank; most of the time, we put our csgo prime accounts for sale on our site.

Benefits of CSGO Ranked Accounts:

  • CSGO Ranked account saves your effort & time.
  • You get your desired ranking quickly.
  • Enhanced matchmakings.
  • Privileged to special drops, skins, and weapons.
  • Professional teammates
  • Offer brilliant gaming experience
  • Fight against same-skilled players like you.
  • No interference gameplay.

Benefits of having a prime CSGO account include:

  1. No hackers/ cheaters in the game.
  2. Matching against other prime players in the prime-matchmaking.
  3. Personal inventory.
  4. Door to all community servers.