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CSGO prime ranked accounts are premium accounts of CS GO. The choice lies on you whether you want to achieve it or buy it. You can achieve a prime ranking after completing all the 21 levels, or you can buy CSGO prime accounts from our website. After achieving the prime status, you’d be matched against all the prime players in the CSGO game. Prime CSGO smurf accounts have its own benefits; you get to collect exclusive souvenirs, special drops, game modes, weapons, etc. Also you can check our medal prime accounts

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Buy CSGO Prime Accounts From Buycsgorank

Prime csgo smurf accounts are an excellent way in order to smurf your way to the CSGO Ranked Matchmaking. It is the cheapest and easiest way to gain a desired rank by the players. Buycsgorank allows you to buy CSGO Prime Accounts at the most reasonable rate possible. Furthermore, our CSGO prime Accounts are all authentic in nature; no third-party-boosting-business, or whatever you want to call them. We don’t do that here!

Right after you successfully reach level 21, you’ll be Prime Status Owner. You can reach directly to level 21 either by purchasing the prime status upgrade thru the Steam website or earning XPs by clearing every 21 levels in the game. Every CSGO Player has an option to upgrade their ranking to Prime. And, after gaining Prime Status you can be matched against other Prime players by the matchmaking process. Moreover, CSGO Prime Users can have their hands on numerous features: souvenir items, weapon covers, item drops, etc..

You can buy csgo ranked account as per your requisite; we have various kinds of csgo prime accounts to satisfy your needs. We proffer cheap csgo prime accounts for players who hope to maneuver their way to several ranks, and in for to try fun mode. Furthermore, we have a variety of choices for players who’d like to play with a smurf account by keeping their skills in mind, and looking for a way to enhance their gameplay.

On the other hand, our smurf accounts are all authentic and 100% boosted by reputed boosters as we have aforementioned. We believe in legitimacy and do not encourage cheating or hacks, only to boost our prime accounts. We respect what our customer has to offer/request. And, we maintain the trust they put in us; we are here to serve YOU, and provide you with quality accounts.

What is CSGO Prime?

Prime is a highlight for players who have purchased CSGO prime accounts or are a level 21 player. Players having a Prime status are fortunate enough to receive additional benefits. When you buy csgo accounts, you will be matched with other prime players in Danger zone matches. You will enjoy exclusive items, drop items, weapon cases, and access to community servers.

The main reason why people buy csgo prime account is to avoid hacking, aim-botting, and cheaters. Unfortunately, the developers in CSGO couldn’t get rid of them entirely, you will find some hackers present in the game. VALVE even claimed to have gotten rid of them completely, but we all know that’s not true! Prime status works as a barrier against the cheaters who doesn’t play honestly. They basically, ruin the matchmaking experience for the newcomers.

However, prime status wouldn’t mean that you’re gonna be immune to cheats completely; it would help you alleviate the standard of your matches.

What are CSGO Prime Accounts?

CSGO Prime accounts can be purchased from Steam Store or can be attained by reaching the 21 rank after spending months in this game. Benefits a player get by becoming a Prime user is that you’d be matched against other prime account holders, only. This makes your gaming experience much more intriguing, plus, there won’t be any hackers that you generally face in non-prime accounts. Other than that, a prime account user can enjoy exclusive features such as drop items, armaments covers, etc. old players can too enjoy these facilities once they upgrade their account into Prime.

Several player buy csgo prime accounts only to enjoy these features and chance to play against other prime account holders. We, sell such accounts on a cheaper level. Csgo smurf accounts has countless options to cover: prime accounts with coins/ medals/high steam level, and much more. The choices never end, you see!

How Do You Get Csgo Prime?

If you are wanting to buy csgo prime accounts, buycsgorank is a perfect place for you! And, if you do not wish to spend any more dimes, then by all means play till you reach Private rank 21. It is essential for a player to have achieved the level 21 in order to upgrade to Prime. There will be weekly XP boost which you will need to use to boost entirely. It may take longer than a month. Therefore, it is better to go for prime csgo smurf accounts. You get to play with other prime users; there won’t be any disturbances unlike usual non-prime csgo accounts have.

You will not face any hackers in the prime account, plus, all your fights will be matched against prime level players. Challenges will be cutthroat, it will be exciting and the experience you will receive is going to be insane! What you’re waiting for?

How Do You Attain CSGO Prime Accounts?

You can buy your prime status from buycsgorank, or play until you reach level 21. We also have csgo prime accounts for sale, you can check it on our website. You have to be a level 21 player in order to achieve the prime status. It takes months to collect XP to help in boosting your account to get the prime status; it’s a cheaper way to achieve the Prime Account. Therefore, it is suggested to buy a prime account than to playing for months.

We, at buycsgorank, put our customer’s desire as our utmost priority. We believe it is our duty to bring 100% satisfaction and quality products to our customers. Since the prime accounts are self-boosted, we make sure that all our csgo smurf accounts contains high trust factors with equal good wins, and hours. The prices are cheaper than most online smurf stores, and besides you won’t have to deal with any hassle during payment; everything on our website can be easily understood.

Can You Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

Of course you can buy csgo prime accounts. Though, there two option from which you can choose which way you would like to go: 1) manually reach level 21 by clearing all the levels, 2) buy csgo prime accounts. Either you can purchase csgo prime account from Steam’s official website for 15$, or from our website ( at a cost-effective price. You will get your account instantly right after making your payment.

You will own certain features, once you become a prime member of CSGO. One of the benefits include playing against other prime players. Csgo prime accounts considered as a first-rate account of CSGO. However, it is up to you whether you want pursue your prime status by playing for countless hours or get to it easily by purchasing from us. It is essential for a player to reach the private rank 21, otherwise you won’t be called as a prime player until you reach the 21 levels. It comes with a lot of hurdles, sometimes players choose to quit and decide to buy an account only to kill the frustration.

So, you decide carefully. If you decide to against it then don’t quit halfway; and, if you wish to choose the easy way, you’re welcome here anytime! There’s no shame at it, at all. If you perceive it as ‘going an easy way won’t make you a good player,’ let us remind you- a good player comes with skill, and a sharp mind. Choosing an easy way sometimes is the smartest way!

Does a Prime Status Stays Permanent?

Yes, csgo prime accounts once purchased, stays with you forever. Well, unless you don’t do something atrocious to have yourself banned by VAC. We offer 24×7 live support along with lifetime warranty on every csgo accounts; this means nothing will ever happen to your account. Moreover, we have our csgo prime accounts for sale, which means you can buy them without making a hole in your pocket!

Benefits of Buying a CSGO Prime Cccount

  • Stunning skins and weapons

If skins gives you sense of excitement whilst playing CSGO, then you are going to love csgo prime accounts. Those who fancy skins and weapons this may give you a head start. With prime CSGO Smurf accounts you can revel in several skins, mighty weapons, striking costumes that can be found in the drop items. You can buy csgo prime accounts from buycsgorank cheaper than what mostly offering on their websites!

  • Better matchmaking experience

A true gamer can discover the real advantages of a prime account. Being a pro player calls for a better matchmaking. With Prime Accounts you can have an advance matchmaking experience; you can play against same level players, can team up with any player you want, at the same time elevate your level. This way, you can gain a lot of experience.

  • Same skillsets opponent

If you are looking for more challenges, you have to fight against players having same skillsets as you. This adds too much fun, and leads to an exciting match between two pro players. Facing an opponent that’s as proficient as you are, can make the game level harder.

  • Avoid amateurs

The main reason why csgo prime accounts are everyone’s favorite is probably because they don’t have to face an amateur or a hacker inside the game. Csgo has been familiar with spotting hackers and cheaters every now and then, even after allegedly eliminating all the hackers from the game. And, if you have just stepped foot into this game then you may have to endure all these instances. However, after gaining enough experience, you have to learn to avoid them. You can easily avoid them when you’d buy a prime account. Not only you’ll be playing without any interruption, you are going to experience a smooth gameplay with no worries of having to deal with any cheater, or hackers, whatsoever.

What Do We Have in the CSGO Ranked Prime Account?

If you are familiar with CSGO gaming, then you most probably be familiar with csgo prime accounts. Let us introduce you with some of its important characteristics and what are the benefits of CSGO Prime accounts.

Firstly, you can easily jump on to your desired rank within seconds; it is suitable for those who wouldn’t want to waste countless hours on their PC, waiting to clear certain levels. It take days, even months to pass a specific level, therefore, players think it’s appropriate to go for a prime account than to waste their strength and skills. With a prime account you get various skins, and different armaments, which makes it pretty thrilling for the newcomers, as well as, for pros.

If you are looking forward to an adequate head start where you’re looking for skins and different weapons, CSGO prime accounts is perfect for you! Not only it saves you enough time, however, saves you an ample amount of energy, and prepare you for the next level. Nobody wishes to play a certain level over and over again; Buycsgorank can save you from all the misery. Here, you’ll get cheap csgo prime accounts with 100% legitimacy.

Since we have our csgo prime accounts for sale, you can buy csgo prime accounts of your desire. A prime account gives you smooth gameplay experience. With no hackers and cheaters to interrupt your play is a real joy in any gaming.

Looking at the benefits:

  • A prime account saves you time and energy.
  • You can start with better ranking.
  • Better matchmaking as per your choice.
  • Availability of skins, costumes, and weaponry.
  • You can have professionals as your teammate.
  • Prime accounts for excellent gaming experience.
  • You can play against those possessing same skillsets as you
  • No hackers, or cheaters.

How do You Get Cs Go Prime?

In order to buy csgo prime accounts you can simple reach for buycsgorank, or play till you reach Private Rank 21. It is mandatory for you to reach the PR 21 to attain a Prime status in CSGO. Each week you will get an XP which would help you in boosting your account that will help you with your Prime status. It may take you months to achieve the prime status, hence, it is suggested to buy csgo accounts to save yourself some time and effort. Since it isn’t easy to reach the level 21, you should consider this as your backup option.

Buycsgorank has several csgo prime accounts for sale, and you can buy any of them of your choice! You can unlock additional privileges such as exclusive drop items, matching against same level players, etc. Also, with an extensive range of csgo smurf accounts availability in the market, you can opt for a prime accounts with high steam level, with coins, with medals.

Is CSGO Prime Account Permanent?

Do you own a cool inventory that is the talk of the town, amongst your friends? Though, you don’t have a prime csgo smurf accounts, I’d have to ask- what’s the point of owning a sick inventory then? Reach for buycsgoranks and get yourself a csgo prime account. You must be wondering why to push yourself, when you have been playing without one, all along? Well, have been playing without an interruption? Don’t you face cheaters whilst playing the game in between? Haven’t you lost matches because of such nuisances in the game? I’m pretty sure you have! No one is immune to these hackers in CSGO.

After you have bought the account your prime status stays with you for lifetime. Unless, of course you have done something to trigger VAC, and have them ban you for cheating. We offer 24×7 live support; our accounts have lifetime warranty on them. it ensures that your account will remain intact.

Why Buy CSGO Prime Accounts?

Firstly, csgo prime accounts helps in unlocking the some additional features for the players, and aids in prime matchmaking. Player gets to fight against players having prime status. Prime accounts features exclusive prime only drops, souvenir items, stunning skins, and much more. A prime account protects you from all the nuisance usually create by hackers/cheaters, most of the time. CSGO is known for their infamous hackers; it becomes very complicated for the newbies. Hence, buying a prime account cuts down all the nonsense! With a prime account you can have access to community servers. Upgrading your account to Prime adds value and considered to be a trusted account.

Therefore, it’s always best to opt for csgo ranked accounts. Here, in buycsgorank, you can get cheap csgo accounts, gold nova accounts, and master guardians, as well. You can also opt for various smurf accounts with coins, with high steam level, and with medals.

After the payment’s been made, all the account details will be delivered to you instantly! Our website’s interface can be easily comprehended; a customer gets a lifetime warranty after he buys a csgo prime account. Moreover, our ranked accounts are cheaper than what most of the online smurf websites are offering, these days. There are countless options to go for when it comes to smurf accounts.

We work on all types of CSGO accounts, that too at a cost-effective range. Our prime accounts are boosted by proficient team; they are passionate about their work. We have an array of accounts: silver to Global Elite, service medal accounts, prime to non-prime, veteran coin accounts, badges accounts, you name it! At buy csgo rank, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We ensure you have experience the best, and get the best from us!